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Teacher, mad, no later than ten years

Saturday on March 21st, 2020Other

These days saw a news: A man stopped and slapped myself twenty years ago, high school teacher on the road, because this teacher had played him in the classroom. An informed source said the teacher was also played other students. While the beat is more extreme behavior, but the teacher is how to do things, so that students will still hold a grudge after two decades it?

It seems that I have had a "gentlemen's revenge, not later than ten years," the idea, but now, not only do not remember let me have this idea of ??who, even this idea itself has become very blurred.

As a so-called "good student", usually preferential treatment by the teacher, but I can not cross the identity of the differences between teachers and students, so just to maintain normal relations and teachers only. For teachers at primary school, if we have the opportunity to meet, I am afraid it did not recognize each other, after all, after promoted to junior high school, I never saw them. While it has been indoctrinated with the "hard work and great teacher" concept, but I was relatively weak for their gratitude, because parting is such a thing will not feel lost.

Sometimes memory is really a strange thing, the teacher's praise the whole do not remember, only received criticism also remain in the hearts, not only did not hate, but find it interesting. First grade, I was in front of the class teacher slapped too, seems to be two left and right hand sides of it. Of course, I am not a person, all play "wrestling card" partnership between classes are subject to this punishment. Although only seven or eight children, but no one cry, does not seem to hate the teacher, just think as do something against the rules to accept the punishment it. But now I think we play just a very ordinary game only, play has always been a child of nature, why should they receive such treatment? Like "Duck Hunt" "key child kicked" this game "jump box" are permitted, but why only "fall card" and "punch" is prohibited because the purpose of the latter two is to win another?

For those of us pupils teacher likes and dislikes, probably to see his bad temper, often Zouren teacher will of course lead to hate everyone, and will be nicknames. Since nickname among the students is a normal thing, to the teacher nicknames it is the same, but the teacher's nickname mostly passed down from our predecessors. There is a math teacher to teach because of thinning hair, he got the nickname "light bulb" of a school when my classmates and I played a quarrel, angrily put classmates gave him the nickname told the "light bulb" teacher. But I also secretly called over nicknamed "light bulb", and consciously wrong, the teacher went to the house to apologize. In short, it is to provoke a little farce. I think the matter will now be ashamed, not knowing at the time how he is thinking, would do such a shameless thing, not to the teacher nicknames, but denounced it.

Elementary school I had received two wounds, one is a slip on the ice, the result dislocated arm, but did not affect the class. There is a fall in the hide and seek and students, and wrist fractures, training at home for a long time. Then hand only a vernacular version of "Zhou Zhi", he looked bored under a lot of times. Probably stay at home for too long, the class teacher also came to visit me once. It so happened, my junior high school teacher is a relatively good students uncle, so I'm going to college, he is also aware of.

Junior high school teacher surnamed Wang, is a good man, my only little English is the whole foundation laid in his teachings. In fact, just the placement, I was not in his class, he later found out that my school grades better, only then I change the past. Now I thought, for me it should be a very important thing, otherwise it would never quite found that teacher gave me the impact. However, after graduation, I was almost off contact with him, but once, or in the high moment, suddenly received a letter he sent the letter I mentioned something like a junior high school student, I had just to her confession. Why would he know anything about it, I did not think was like. Another time, in the college entrance examination next day evening, I 'missing', he called to ask. What happened was this: After the finished article sum up, I know myself very bad play, and the North has missed, although his mouth did not want to admit, but the heart really wanted to Peking University. Want dreary hearts, he took out for a walk at the same table, sitting on the roadside grass, but then I talk to him from the love for a girl. Because there is an insignificant exam and found I was not, probably out of fear when checking study hall to the classroom teacher it tomorrow, give me a call did not get through, then my mom went to the phone. Mom can not get through my phone, so she calls the Wang.

Wang's wife is an English teacher in the same office, they always wanted a child, but infertility. Later, as if finally gave birth to a daughter, there is a congenital disease, treatment in Beijing for a long time, I do not know what the current situation. I even heard that he and his wife divorced, I hope this is not true. Such a kind and responsible person, should not be hit by so much suffering.

Junior high school for four years, several of our class changed his language and math teachers. When the first day, due to the language teacher suddenly was transferred, a newly graduated young people took over our class, under his influence, I am more and more obsessed with literature. But he was too young, no experience, and sometimes we were in tears. When it comes to spoil teacher, math teacher taught us two years was transferred to teach sports, and this is probably the reason we have bad grades. He seemed to beat me, usually with a face plate, drunk would love to joke, make fun of me too, but I quite like him. Like the time three days, suddenly I had a diary of work, others are half-hearted, but I write their true thoughts, and almost write every day, by the Department of the teacher's area favor, but let me participate in essay contest . However, I will write spontaneous feeling, as to what the game is completely impossible, and finally write something about it so that they disappointed.

High school teacher surnamed Zhu, also a teacher of English, relatively little sub and speak with a distinct foreign accent. He made me class leader, probably because people will not come forward to the first bar. But I was not too will manage, not want to do such a thing, a sense of responsibility, relying only managed to line, although many places do well, but the students still relatively fit, and now want actually a bit touched. After the High School of Arts and placement, the new class is airborne, I do not know why, from the very beginning not to like him. Fortunately, the language teacher did not change, I still affectionately known as Shao teacher "Gillian" in. She is very open-minded person, for me is relatively laissez-faire, and sometimes I talk, do we have kept in touch bar. Started going to college, I wrote her several letters, she very seriously back. I have to send her two books, one is "standing on the edge of two of the world", is a "taste of things, I tasted too soon." Freshman winter vacation, I have been back to school time, and only time, the way to her house sit for a while. Gillian's character, how many have some effect on me. Amelia teach geography teacher and taught English Sun are very gentle person, I give Ame sent me a postcard, I do not know she did not receive, has not been back, I am still a little heart. Although Mr. Sun is also a mother, but there is a small girl character, even people have a desire to want to protect her.

As our teacher, not many people seem to like him, but also very poor. I think he is very snobbish, Mianlicangzhen, they simply do not want to get close to him. College entrance examination results came out, he gave me a phone, it sounds more cheerful, although I did not realize their aspirations, but bare points can be considered the city's first. Teacher's Day freshman year, I even gave this nasty teacher made a blessing message, it is purely out of courtesy. Honestly, I have no feelings for his high school read, probably for something certain people and it also disgruntled.

Instant, has spent five years at the university, although mix well, but rarely yesterdays. However, whenever wipe glass crystal ball of dust, we will be able to see the dusty past in which shine, just never go back. Even if there is a chance to start over, I'll regret that do not do it until after it was all over.

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