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Talk with the reality and the ideal (6)

Sunday on February 9th, 2020Other

Ideal can drastically reduce fraud, cheating, fraud, theft, crime, robbery, fighting, quarreling, events contradiction, antagonism, disputes occur, can radically reduce unpleasant in life, trouble, negative, fear of things happen, because when everyone understand the truth, then everyone is ethical, there will be no tragedy, no longer need to do something disgraceful to reap profits. Not only a tragedy does not happen, mankind will enter a higher civilization. First need to declare that visits this blog is very limited; I personally and the platform for the world is very insignificant, I'm just an ordinary person, no different from ordinary users. I am the author of this text platform, these words represent only a small number of personal views, not represent the majority. Write these words is not an easy thing, I need to overcome a lot of difficulties, hopes that readers can understand. Whether any text, will not be all of them agree that there will always be supporters, there will be opposition. Frankly, this platform, these words are addressed to supporters. Among the opponents, a significant portion of those words and not understand the objections, and in part because of different faiths and partly out of jealousy, some of it is pure trouble, this fun. The last of these two friends of the message is the need to first clear. No matter which one belongs, it is not necessary opposed to it, otherwise I would not have written these words.

I'm not sure whether to continue this theme, could have been written down, it may be interrupted at any time. To say, most important, the former two have been finished. In which the world is the decisive factor group consciousness, group consciousness after make money play a decisive role, therefore appears to be the dominant money in the world, dominated everyone's life, in reality, will determine how much money each person's fate and life quality. The truth is, most people are not in their ideals, but in order to improve their quality of life and struggle for money, if people first for the common ideals of humanity, to improve the quality of life will naturally infinite times, the causal sequence of the human being reverse. Before five "talking with reality and the ideal", by repeatedly written to have a more progressive manner than money, especially the "talk with the reality and the ideal" film in the first example cited two "2012", when humans after the hope that the decision to enter the fourth dimension, the quality of life of ordinary people can now directly over the quality of life one billion euros fortune. It is a primitive society, social jungle. Vehicle fuel is contaminated; life because of money, full of deceit, slavery, oppression, exploitation, there are still not understood, arrogance, indifference, ridicule.

Many people like to pretend cow, thought it was a method of life, in fact, this ideal, the truth and the life is contrary to a person's arrogance is voted in support for the social tragedy of a vote, perhaps even tragedy was one of them Some of manufacture.

I started to pay attention since 2008 related to the 2012 information, the alien information has now been almost a full three years, special attention here. The more clear that the future is unpredictable, what will happen in 2012, is uncertain, any version can happen. If what most people choose will happen to it when nothing happens; if the majority of people choose to enter the fourth dimension, time will enter the fourth dimension. There are factors that determine the future, there are uncertainties, the future of humanity as a whole is more important in the decision.

"With the talk about reality and the ideal" is based on the current issue, or 2012 ~ 2022, you might consider what will not happen 10 years. The first two times because the harvest takes place 50,000 years ago, 25,000 years ago, when the Earth did not enter the fourth dimension. First half of 2010, the world is not stable, and there have been some important paranormal phenomena, and unexplained phenomena, extremely valuable reference that there is a pyramid-shaped UFO, and distort events Volga River bridge in the world in two places, there sinkhole occurred throughout China, from the first half of 2010, it seems, there are some signs of change in the Earth. More than six months since the most recent, the world is very smooth, if as such, may not have a change, to see the next 2 years. If there is no time to change the world, life as usual.

Do not tell people around the lives of these things, some people may otherwise you will not be treated as normal people. Such as "talk with the reality and the ideal," the first three, because the sense of community decisions of individual consciousness, individual consciousness to group consciousness of change is negligible, so that everyone learned to adapt to society, drift, deliberately make a "normal" fear different from others. The Internet is a good platform to write original text on the blog, publish original posts on the forum is a good way, there will be at least dozens of people every day, hundreds of people can see your text, spread over reality is much faster.

The truth, the masked alien information to let people know, will not cause panic, on the contrary will make the world more harmonious, stable.

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