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Gentleman pure heart

Wednesday on May 27th, 2020Other

One night in September 1966, the storage house door was knocked pound, Chu Anping is a group of people forcibly taken away will never be lost forever, just the top "rightist" hat, until now firmly on his head.

Chu Anping was born in 1909 in Yixing, Jiangsu, they infected mother died six days after his birth, he has been brought up by her grandmother, 14 years old his father and grandmother also have died, raising the uncle Chunan Jiang.

In 1928, Chu Anping admitted Shanghai Guanghua University Department of Journalism and English Literature Department after graduating from college in 1931 as "Central Daily" editorial supplement.

From the university began, love of literature by Chu will try to write and have published a number of works, including various genres of short stories, plays, poetry and prose; also became acquainted with Xu, Tian Han et al. Chu Anping works of this period, there are obvious "Crescent Moon Group" colors, such as short story "Thoughts," "Spring plague" "confessions" prose "stray", "wall", are describing that between boys and girls kind of hazy feeling of love, delicate strokes, words and pay attention, do not have charm. Of course, the realm of Anping not stop there, he also wrote another type of style of work and into their own concern for the fate of the Sincere Heart. For example, 1928 is contained in the "quicksand" of the one-act play "blood boil", it is to the workers' movement as a theme; and "century and obligations," written in 1932, it created a morally woman image: Chinese woman married in Japan the child can, in order to prevent her husband ginseng soldiers invaded China, and stifle budding young son and monasteries in the heart of militarism, he took a family of three end their lives. Furthermore, Chu Anping also wrote a number of articles full of life philosophy and novels, such as "unknown" and so on.

In 1936 Chu Anping published a collection of short stories, "liar", a collection of 1931 - Written between 1934 eight works.

Chu Anping was admitted in 1935 and the London School of Economics, where he studied Lasky; 1938 because of the war, that is not returned to complete their studies. After returning Anping not want to do the KMT's "hack writer", then leave the Chongqing authorities, to teach in Hunan and Chongqing and other schools. During this vagrant life, according to their knowledge in the UK Anping period, written in the "British folk songs recorded," "Englishman? Legal? Chinese people", "British India" and other books, not only about the British political system, customs and national character of the British and Chinese nationality to compare, explore and powerful country due to weakness of China. When writing this book, although not on hand Chu Anping several reference books, but still cautious style, accurate quote, which shows the chest pen and ink as well as the learning style.

Chu Anping the real fame is that he compiled after the war two magazine, founded in 1945, Chongqing's "objective" and in 1946 founded in Shanghai "observation." And patriotism of Chu Anping, published in two magazines articles point out problems, to promote freedom, democracy appeal, Qingqi banner of another side of emancipation. Anping Wen pen sharp analysis in place, the value of its articles is by no means limited to that time, today's China is also beneficial behavior, its first issue referred to the words of the four-point "democracy, freedom, progress, rationality" in the "Watch", in today's society truly ?

After the founding of "observation" was renamed "New Observations" and easy to master. 1957 by Hu Qiaomu recommendation, Chu Anping as "Guangming Daily" editor. June 1, he made at the forum non-party United Front Work Department entitled "to make some suggestions to Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou Enlai," the statement, that "the Party is all" argument, shaking hand. The next day, "Guangming Daily", "People's Daily" published the full text, the Mao Zedong "for a few days did not sleep well" (according to Hu Qiaomu son revealed). In August, Chu Anping ie playing as right-wing. After the "Cultural Revolution" broke out, Chu Anping For suicide attempts, finally disappeared in the autumn of 1966, when 58 years old.

Chu Anping is typical of Chinese intellectuals, said Pan, is the real "persons", the state is in trouble, come forward, as the ", delicate the article," the Shao Piaoping. Anping is a humble man, a friend of sincere and friendly; Anping say is naive people, sort of thing; Anping is a religious man, to learn meticulous; Anping is romantic, written drawing near, month after Liu Shao sort of words; Anping love freedom, not to hack writer; Anping is more patriotic, either write articles or a magazine, are mailer is enduring creed. When telling the truth becomes a sin, Chu Anping bear the brunt; but his spirit, character can learn a lesson, be any announcement files are indelible.

In front of the court of history and the people forever Chu Anping head held Ting Zhaoxiong of!

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