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My gaming career

Wednesday on March 4th, 2020Other

The real start to play games is from the University.

When I was a freshman, I saw roommate C playing live football 13. I also downloaded one, and then I played it all the time. It has lasted till now. At that time, I didn't play online games, just this single player. In fact, at that time, I also got in touch with a bit of online games. It was "StarCraft II". Four people in the dorm were driving black. My roommate C and I had never played it before. It's a current game. I used a Terran. At that time, playing interstellar was a little afraid of the unknown shadow, especially when the Zerg army invaded fiercely. After playing for a night, I unloaded the game and forgot my war net account. In addition to the actual situation, I have also played Assassin's creed, but the playing time is not long, because I can't finish the task of assassinating others in prison without alerting the guards, so I deleted the game angrily. At that time, I was fascinated by playing live games, and my relationship with roommate C was also very close. Sometimes we would fight together, and they were very competitive. They couldn't help but care about the outcome of the game. However, most of the time I play by myself. I just play in bed when I get up in the morning on weekends. I also play late in the final exam. However, it can't be called addiction, because in my memory, I spend more time in the library, after finishing my math homework, I will read some idle books or go to sleep. All of a sudden, when I was a sophomore, I often missed a date with my girlfriend because of playing live. It seems that I was poisoned deeply. In fact, with a girlfriend, the squeeze is more time I watch the game.

After breaking up with my girlfriend, it's almost the summer vacation of sophomore year. At that time, my roommate C and I had become strangers, and the relationship with roommate h became closer. When roommate h saw that roommate Z was playing "storm hero", he said he always wanted to try the game and recommended it to me, so I downloaded it. I have never played client-side online games or MoBa games before. I always win with my roommate. I am very happy. It took a long time to find that my opponent is a computer. I don't know how to play the game at all, I don't know how to push the tower, I don't know how to clean up the soldiers, I don't know how to rob the mechanism, I don't know how to drink spring water and go back to the city, I rush to fight when I see people. Because the game picture and hero model are very delicate, I think it's fun to play. At about the same time, he began to contact the legend of furnace stone and began to enter the pit. After summer vacation, I have nothing to do but play storm all day. At that time, the whole game was full of freshness, and the heroes from Warcraft, dark and interstellar were full of mystery, because they did not know anyone. Playing a lot, I began to want to know more about the game. Listening to roommate h, his girlfriend would watch the live broadcast of hearthstone, I first learned about the fish fight, and found the storm game on it. The male commentary was very interesting. Later I saw him live, I clicked in to watch. Since then, I liked his style and watched him live all the time. I thought it was a good pastime.

Because of the interaction with the storm, I downloaded Diablo that summer vacation. I didn't know anything about the game before. I thought it was mysterious and horrible to hear the name, but I was attracted by the wonderful plot and exquisite scene after entering the game. Maybe it's because I'm playing. Roommates h and Z began to play too, but they bought the fun version early, but I didn't buy it until the beginning of school. At that time, Diablo just started the fourth season. I used barbarians to practice to level 70 in the plot mode. After buying the play version, I played with my roommate Z several times. Later, h and Z didn't play the game anymore, but I always had a good time. However, after playing for more than a month, I finally got tired of it and stopped playing. Storms also play, but not very often, and roommates Z and H don't play anymore. At this time, my focus is also shifted to the furnace stone, and it costs a lot of money. Furnace stone can also be played on the mobile phone, which is very convenient, so that my roommate h and I are almost playing furnace stone in class. This passion lasted until the third winter vacation. I also signed up to participate in the school's Firestone group competition. The first game was 4-3 reverse when it was 0-3 backward, and the second game was 0-3 backward. After 3-3, I lost the decisive game. By the time of the loser group competition, I had little interest in Firestone, so I gave up directly. At that time, Diablo started the fifth season, so I played Diablo again, and it took a lot of time. And furnace stone from now on almost never played, to now has completely not played, love their money. Roommate h is the same as me. In the second half of 2015, I can't remember the time clearly. There was a void left in StarCraft. I bought a collection version myself, and bought all the previous information pieces together, and began to play StarCraft again. But this game is too difficult for me. I just fight battles and computers, and seldom fight with people. During the winter vacation, I spent money to open a star trumpet. StarCraft is the game that my roommate h and I play the most time together. When he was in the United States, we often played together in ASU. Also in the winter vacation, I tried lol, but because I didn't like its picture and the hero couldn't ride a horse, I deleted it after playing two novice trainings.

For a while, I almost didn't play with the storm, and I didn't watch the no live broadcast. Maybe that was when I was playing with the furnace stone. Later, I watched the live broadcast of no again. I couldn't help but play the storm again. I will watch the storm game all the time

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