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Seat design that something

Monday on August 10th, 2020Other

Cotton and because of its engagement seat cover volume variation is relatively large, it is a general sense of the A-plane, just as the appearance of additional reference display model, it is generally frozen are relatively simple. After the best time to be able to kind of coating, reverse an archive backup.

Also because some seat manufacturers to design weaker, they will get you ready to do a direct offset data set is simple to complete, in fact, after this is completed, the co-variance coated cotton larger, final product and also the original design concept offset is large, professional staff reasonable manner, reverse cOTTON early embryo after the seat cover skin removed and is compensated according to the increased or reduced surface modeling, data only do so out of more reasonable.

In addition the position angle of the seat when the seat design of the place, and enter the total man-machine built seat layout engineers are very important, and this thing has a strong seat functionality, at an attractive appearance, the man-machine and an input, and safety considerations are very important, especially those placed airbag settings need to analyze the feasibility of blasting, and finally bonded cotton seat mounted equipment, single-needle double needle, a single slit double slit, piping, layering, nailing, of fasting and paste service and other considerations, there are also a lot of consideration.

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