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Weekly gossip, one of the cardinal's competitions

Monday on March 2nd, 2020Other

Words written in the front

Diary writing is a matter of "caution" (although this word is not suitable here). Comparatively speaking, blog writing has certain publicity, because it has the possibility of readers. Although not every day, I may learn a little new knowledge and meet some new things that should be recorded in the diary, but I often can't keep writing diary. It's different to write in a blog. I will be more attentive, but I won't write my own secret thoughts. So, I opened this small column, which takes a week as a cycle. Maybe I won't write it every day, but when I have something to record, I will write it down.

October 4th

The game of the Cardinals

Wake up at seven in the morning, want to sleep for a while, suddenly think of the five o'clock kick-off game of the Cardinals against the warriors should not be over. Open MLB's official website, the latest news is that warriors starter keuchel was beaten by the cardinals, thinking, "is the Cardinals leading? "Turn on the live broadcast. It's still 1-1 when the game comes to the second half of the six innings, and the Cardinals are facing a crisis. Webb, the relay pitcher, set fire to a full base situation after only 0.1 innings. Gallegos, who took over the pitcher, was knocked out by his opponent after catching a number of exits. Edman, the third baseman, didn't handle it well. The ball bullet rolled to the field after his chest. The warrior took the opportunity to run back two points. However, the cardinal also killed the runner who ran to the third baseplate, which solved the crisis of this half inning.

Fortunately, the line play of the Cardinals showed a good state today. The first half of the 8 innings tied the score, and the first half of the 9 innings even scored 4 points, which made the Cardinals gain a 4-point lead. In the second half of the ninth inning, Martin Nez, the terminator of the cardinal, came on and closed the game. He was first knocked out with a two-point gun, then with a spring gun, but finally ended the game with a three vibration. I remember a few days ago Mart Nez had just been blasted by a bear, and the cowshed on which the cardinal relied was not stable recently.

The cardinals in the playoffs seem to have a powerful magic, like Liverpool in the Champions League. In the other semi-final of the League of nations, the national team seems to be no match for Dodge. I'm afraid they will be swept by dodge 3-0. If the Cardinals can beat the warriors, it's not impossible to lose the league title against dodge. However, even if the Cardinals enter the world series, I'm afraid they will be swept by the United States.

October 1st

Use TweetDeck

Now, Twitter's advertising has become so much that I can't stand it. Like Weibo, no matter how you cross it off, it will continue to appear. For Weibo, you can use H5 without ads; for twitter, you can choose to use a third-party client or use TweetDeck.

Some third-party clients need to pay to advertise, but others don't. I tried several of them, but they didn't have the function of copying text by long press, that is to say, I can't check words at any time, which is unacceptable to me, so I decided to use TweetDeck. The design logic of TweetDeck is different from that of twitter. It consists of columns. For example, a topic is a column, which is similar to kanban.

The default column width of TweetDeck is a little narrow. I'm not used to it when I just switched from twitter. Check it out, there is an oil monkey script that can change the column width, but it's not easy to use, so I modified it again, just a line of code. Later, it was found that there was a browser plug-in called better TweetDeck, which added some new functions to TweetDeck and also customized CSS styles. For example, I changed the link color to my favorite green.

Jekyll paging plug in

As mentioned before, the plug-in used to add automatic pagination for blog is Jekyll paginate v2. Its version 2.0 does not support the latest Jekyll 4.0. When browsing the issue today, we can see that the author actually wrote a version that supports Jekyll 4.0, which has not been officially released. If you want to use it, you can add the following code in gemfile:

gem 'jekyll-paginate-v2', github: 'mmistakes/jekyll-paginate-v2', :branch = 'jekyll-v4'

Compared with Jekyll 3.8, the local compilation speed of Jekyll 4.0 is greatly faster. Previously, it took more than 10 seconds to generate a website, but now it has been reduced to less than 5 seconds. Although it is not very fast, I am satisfied with the speed.

September 30th

GLAY's song

A few days ago, I made an e-book of takuro's "mind" published in 2003. I found the translation on the Internet. I can't remember the specific translator. I've read all these translations. The reason why they are made into e-books is that they are convenient for later reference and they hope to let a few friends have a look at them (probably they won't see them either). They have no communication meaning at all.

When sorting out the translation, I saw two songs written by takuro for lovers - all standard is you and Neverland, which I had never heard before. There are so few Gly songs on spotify. The first song can't be found even when it's searched on YouTube. I only saw a video when I checked the lyrics. The title is not the name of the song, but one of the lyrics . Want to find a time, calm down, look at the lyrics, listen to Gray's songs all over again. Apple music seems to be able to hear all of glad's songs.

September 29th

Jekyll label auto Pagination

I've always wanted to add a tag page to my blog, but Jekyll doesn't support tag paging itself, so it's too cumbersome to create it manually, so I haven't done anything. Today, I accidentally found that Jekyll paginate-v2, the paging plug-in I am using, has this function. Follow the instructions

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