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Critics note this God

Friday on February 21st, 2020Other

Fan drama completion planned third pit!

NEET Terrific! I have to do NEET!

The above is the first time I see the emotion of this fan. However, even in the last part is completely stand Flag. After all, Not in Education, Employment or Training, not education, not hired, nor training. The first is not directed at education, my family can be hung up round the back of the hit 2333 let alone a.

So no matter how we love even after all the second element second element ah, secondary yuan and three yuan, is still only live in three million years, doing three million things to do, no way, this is the dimension wall.

Ah, Meng good care of the household, I really want one. . . Not as a professional, single-minded programmers do not always have a fantasy like Alice house, surrounded by all the host and display, think it was great ~ ~ ~ (I've been immersed in his own among the fantasies, do not pull me)

So the first time the feeling of watching this fan above, if the personal feeling is regarded as a very loving fan of it, and no fan or another I was like Dante Lai bookshelves will give a lot of thinking, which Department Fan to me is very satisfying feeling. Always in life, no matter how unhappy not liking the thought of the hard disk on a few episodes left Alice did not see, suddenly there is a hold on power, and perhaps this is the second element of the three-dimensional effects of it. Like parallel universes as see and touch, can not even be sure of their existence, but he interacts with us, mutual influence, constitute our world line.

Look paste it said more exciting than fiction movie, so I've started to prepare the stage version of the novel. Although usually busy school events, mid-term exam is coming, the previous set of six endangered species RDG girls and 18 book girl did not see, there are other books are idle in the queue waiting for me to see, but no matter how busy, with determination, we will have time to read a book it, book it must be able to read it ~

Actually, the reason I say it do not buy the land version of the book it is also very strange. Like a little paper, we heard the land version of the translation is better than the Taiwan version, but also better than the stage version, but I still spend a lot of money to buy. This is mainly because the mainland deep water ah, maybe what was novel, Where the text of Part X wide X Administration to change the (oh no not this kind of thing). So I think the Taiwan version of the book collection is a unique habit of it (my innate desire favorites).

So, then I will not still buy a little land version of the text to the collection of it?

A novel into the deep sea, from passers-wallet.

Latecomer Note: until now I did not buy into this fiction, the main reason is poor. So, I urge Tell me what you play more reward

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