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Xiao Ming seriously if you lose

Wednesday on August 5th, 2020Other

Xiao Ming is a serious person, always very serious, act first, a second, second, solid, too. In fact, a serious disease, have changed. A life woolly-headed!

Recently a meeting, developed in part by a number of external vendors NVH messages, may have the shape of a relatively large adjustment, the key is now several rounds, and now make some contradictory, is not very convincing stuff, Xiao Ming accompany them pulled in vain for an afternoon, I had a go, which is a positioning error should not have committed a serious, time really is not cleavage, squeezing a crowded sometimes squeeze past.

Today XL brother came to see a review of models of the project, I had a go, a short period of time, these companies do things, I really do not gnaw. I also travel a few times because Italy, feeling the project for lack of a sense of participation, something the boss needs us more to the point, with the responsibility to change back, I think there will be more of a sense of participation, play their little effect. TG said that day very well: do a mouthpiece or a checkpoint, some things still have to play. You can bring any action, or else you value does not exist!

Episode 1: In addition, 2018, and from January 1, the country's condominium, tax things have to run, to do something really difficult, the Internet age, and give you an exception you hang off your network, your account closure, an uppercase FU words, projections (Lv Lv dish). Tomorrow, but also to his wife ran to the tax.

Episode 2: Project Meeting escalate data, be aware of the information, you can be bold art expert.

When you wholeheartedly put your effort expended, spent youth, will be an unforgettable experience.

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