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Demo Nier: Automata game

Tuesday on June 9th, 2020Other

Neil ah! ! ! Really great! ! ! Just when I write in two patients starry thinking about Neil. Not to mention the country's area raising the price of the issue, anyway, I was 199 groan. Here we do not say the price, to talk about the game itself.

First, that I first met Neil, I still worship the gift of a friend, and later checked to know this game is a little sister 2B provenance. 2B little sister ah, praise na ~ I am trying to suppress the hearts of excitement indescribable.

This is to make people calm down dividing lines.

Well 2333 I just went to the toilet to wash with cold water to calm a bit, let's start from scratch boast this game. First, that interface, an interface technology with a retro style color, perfectly accompanied by the theme of the game. And on the screen, the official optimization is really bad, my laptop with Nvidia's GeForce Experience, the results of this software is suggesting that I configured too slag, may run does not come, then had to go looking for optimization patch on 3dm, off the global 2333 is light and smooth picture becomes smooth, some things can not be darkened 2333. I also have seen the little sister variants allow 2B fruit body mod on 3dm, but I still like the little sister to wear clothes.

9S and 2B to a photo in front of the playground. If two people to be here to date nice ah ~

The game interface is great, here to talk about the operation of it. As a simple difficulty of any game can force people off the card, the game is people like me to join the automatic control chip, really like ah 2333 can be labeled an enemy of his own play, eliminating the need for me to fight when he strained the random predicament by keyboard and mouse, wonderful ah. But even so, I still have to rely on the strength modifier, because then it is too. . . Yep. . . 2333 I have always been too hard is not good at this game spell operation, even if there is not line 2333 but have to say this game's combat system is really great. Task actions and attacks, and auxiliary machines are great ah! Smooth motion and handsome melee posture, stick ah! (I write to you I might have been excited incoherent 2333)

Well, below it is certainly the most important story and the characters. I am currently experiencing characters, that is, 2B, 9S, 6O and the commander. A2 and behind the other man whom I have not seen. First, let me 2B little sister, little sister is the best, it is beyond doubt 2333 Second 9S is also great as a young man, I think these two really could not be better as a CP. Well then, said the enemy. This game is the enemy of the early mechanical beings, I think they are very Meng ah, but also from the details view, I think they are the ones following the disappearance of humanity, the real masters of the earth. They have their own feelings, you can mimic the human transformation of different decorations in different environments, able to beat the time to escape, can raise a white flag as a friendly gesture. These details make me suddenly changed the mechanical beings as enemies to fight the years, on the contrary, if I may, I choose not to imagine undertale as a single shot to complete the story. But it is clear that case nier no fun, but fortunately without telling anyone to kill this game, the game began by saying some mechanical artificial life forms to see who will not take the initiative to attack, is standing there blankly.

This is the beginning of a child's rocking cradle shouting robot, I might have something for children of the least resistance to it, I think they are human society, the most pure and most holy kind of presence it can make people think good things. These heart every time I think I felt very calm and peaceful. Maybe my heart is still very good now.

Then comes the pursuit of peace robots. I do not think so than say. To play this game, carefully read the dialogue, you will find this game also hidden behind the brutal endless beautiful.

Yes, ah, also hidden behind the brutal endless beautiful. I think this story is a bit brutal, though did not get through three weeks head, but just look at the plot summary of current knowledge on almost, I think Neil is a great chess ah, a long time ago to catch up with work to begin , can not say here, you own the search bar. I think this work has been able to sale on Steam, in addition to concern, but also because of her plot arrangement. The plot of this work compared to before the story is relatively independent, even if we do not know in front of the plot is also a general understanding of the meaning of the game can be expressed. Because I still did not get through, so I do not stand good news story in this regard what flag.

Also has a combat system of the game, in addition to MC, I played Final Fantasy 12. Nier but I think it is more powerful. Because Neil gives me a sense of refreshing addition to the fighting on the outside, but also the story moved me so much, or that it is a reversal. The beginning of the game is to set mechanical beings as enemies, and then to change their impression in the minds of players through the in-depth investigation. This reversal made me slightly moved. If the MC is a free and open game, OPUS is touched me the game, so Nier is to let me experience the fun of the game while also able to experience that part of the move stems from the good hearts.

Before sleep these days, I often think of things 2B and 9S. I think the two of them are really very good one pair of CP, recently seen on Lofter there are two men with the humanities, feeling really Terrific ah. I think people sometimes the pursuit of something, is pure pure pure good. I probably can not find another word to replace the good, anyway, that is what you mean.

The weather is very hot, I like to turn off the light. This time when the thought of fighting games like I am afraid it is inevitable there will be a mood. Is simply out of fear of the enemy in the game right 2333 afraid of slag operation can not win, it will hang like. But an open game and 2B 9S can see in the game screen, two people are together all the time, I'll be satisfied. I'm really stop this CP ah ~

I am a Nigerian scientist, I have come to preach in 2333


Finally, put eggs in 2333 it simple difficulty of strength card off. Somehow stuck in the roof came out flying bug, it is on the roof, but can not change from the flight attitude, I am very frustrated ah Fortunately, I often Archive 2333 2333

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