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Felt playing the game Fault

Tuesday on June 9th, 2020Other

Tips: About the beginning of the game experience, you can skip directly below the dividing line 2333

I do not know how, anyway, looked at the cover look good, put Fault added to the wish list in a few days ago to take advantage of discounts 76RMB fault1,2 and buy a whole DLC. Then just brush HB charity when the package, SEKAI Project seventeen masterpiece $ 1.2 23333 click send, including Nekopara012 and Fault, $ 1.2 ah 2333 2333 change so much why would I want to buy a bundle on Steam it for me 2333 charity gas ah 2333 2333 package is a good thing but I had thought up, see today look at the reviews Fault just think of it in 2333

But I personally feel that, although I do not know what this thing is SEKAI Project, but I think on this issue by the Steam Galgame of all ages seem to have pretty good quality, including NekoPara, Fault, Clannad and so on.

Sekai Project is an American video game publisher, the major Japanese visual novel will be translated into English and sold outside Japan. In addition, also in Japan for the issue of the original English visual novels, comics, video games and non-visual fiction and so on. - Wikipedia

So I write to you now suddenly a little to be able to touch these outstanding game works and happy 2333 Steam Orange Ye Hao, Uplay too. . . Forget it, even if Ubisoft 2333 I think some of these platforms will these developers and works together, to some extent to facilitate the consumers. How should I say, anyway, I like the 2333 game, although sometimes very expensive, developers have always wanted to take this opportunity pulled a pen, though do not know how to think SE, more than 400 of the country on the area I'm sure Neil Do not buy 2333 but in any case I still use these platforms easily come into contact with these games, then get rid of the past can only hear the song Mungo find a cracked version of the era from the mouth of the students, in fact, that time I did not know three aunt this but I think as a platform 2333 may be the largest gaming platform piracy, although convenient for people to meet most of the people in the computer software must be free of demand, I think it is very necessary to buy legal copies. Although some software is very expensive, but whatever game I think the only thing you can buy genuine software on a 2333 big yard tens of thousands of pieces, not missing a pirate 2333 but my small yard or even independent developers are not the same, maybe in this Galgame convenience, I have a feeling a large part of the work is an independent developer or a small factory to do. After all, what with the construction division as Tyrannosaurus, RPG Maker, more and more orange light and the like, the threshold of making such games are also getting lower and lower, it will draw people like the idea written out of the script, even if It is a successful thing. So I think you can, it went to support a genuine 2333

But even think, I was very angry as soon as I bought ah 23333 charity package can save a lot of money is not a good thing 23333 Gas Well

Closer to home 2333 buy this game for a long time, have not been playing. Why buy a game to play with on merit? But it is boring, you play it. This open the game told me that there was a boy kneeling, I do not know if he was the main man, but look at the cover. . It may be a harem Gal 2333

After reading this section of the game to enter the main interface. Can be seen from the main interface is just the prologue cutscene.

After clicking start, the game would like to introduce you to a world view. Personal summarize is that it is a magical world, and then there is a pacifist country, Sweden is another country to invade, and said there is a person able to capture the human form of self-propelled plug two countries, anyway, taking advantage of the start of peace the king is not in the country, the spirit of the princess to go.

Then on the first line of the invading country, two girls, teenage girls 1 and 2 (forget the name 2333), there is a line but it has not come up on the walkie-talkie communication with the effects of 3 girls magic. After they chatted a lot girls 2 to one side went to work, leaving the girl a princess of the country suffered a bodyguard peace. The guards very powerful ah, less than a 20-year-old got the magic level 2, although I do not know much where the game anyway, saying she was very much on the right girl 1 hit with her 2333 up not rivals, but in two interactive process (fighting high side bar) in girls 1 to the guards to convey a very important message - very unfortunately I did not even remember this sentence. . . The last girl 2 suddenly on the line, guards found two men co-operate fully beat, he took the princess ran. The princess had previously hidden in the rear of the optical camouflage magic created. After the game into a period of OP, after I came to write this up.

I think I need to write this down immediately or else after 2333 is certainly the main storyline at the end of OP, in respect of customs clearance after that time the early start to experience the smell think, is estimated that almost forgotten.

Let me talk about this game first impression of it. "Wow, what a great style!" This is the first reaction when I saw the cover page and store information, which is why I spent over 70 to buy a Galgame maximum driving force (what, you say Dongjin Meng meters? Do not buy do not buy, do not discount him, so expensive 2333 re-sprouting also not to buy 2333). Then after entering the game after seeing the girl Prologue 1 and the process of fighting the guards, I think, "wow, this engine stick spent," after all these days can be done by the camera far forward, swept from the bottom to the character's face, so camera movements, it can do little engine 2333 is perhaps the Galgame I play too little, but that really scared me was the 2333 although there is no dubbing, subtitles with the excellent but the whole engine, I feel quite the sense of substitution strong.

But I think such a great game, why not fire it at home? too expensive? Can not ah, there are three aunt yet. Nier may be compared to such games, Galgame games in addition to the scope of R18 larger crowd, except perhaps secondary newt few people are interested in it 2333

Anyway, I think this is the game I want to play good 2333 2333 I am afraid this is the main line to indulge Fault, make life difficult for the political Examination 2333

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