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Movie Old cannon child, Dragon tactic

Sunday on June 7th, 2020Other

Really long time no such feeling? This feeling is to see Chinese films, I actually cried, and the characters, the story was deeply moved, yes, I'm talking about the movie "Old cannon child."

In fact, Feng Xiaogang's acting is still possible, but after reading the "old cannon child", is more than possible, but it too, I think he took the Golden Horse winner's really up to its name, the movie is essentially one person hold up to him lake skating, Liuniao mention cage, full of rules and a sense of justice, and with a simmering effort, and let this character is very full, very tall on. Feng Xiaogang manage this role, which is acting really put a lot of so-called professional actor's face to beat, robbed actor's director jobs, Fengdao competent out Niubi.

The basic story is the story of ordinary people against the rich and powerful, but also tells the story of a former child old guns in circulation through the years, after various changes of the times suited, in fact, the hero has been living in their own utopia, but for stalls things, perhaps the outside world still has nothing to do with him. Times have changed, people have changed, the way to deal with things changed. There are a lot of local people to ponder the movie, the movie there are a lot of things people touched by the warmth, in short, to see, and you definitely will be harvested. One day, we will be old, at that time, I hope we still can make people understand the rules and respect.

The last movie intoxicated at the Summer Palace ice surface that scene, Liu Ye wearing a fur coat, carrying a knife in the lake running screen, I can not forget, a few years later, it still is the most Chinese people proud of the movie one fragment. There is no doubt, "the old cannon child" is in my mind the first three Chinese-language film. Thank Guan Hu, thank Fengdao, you tell people a lot of movies as it should be, this is the "rules."

A few days ago, and his wife also watched the movie "Dragon tactic", I have been feeling very good shot, especially handsome styling Chen Kun, Huang Bo acting school, summer rain a little noisy, but Shu Qi is really Laura, AB is responsible for US enough friends. Also before Adapted from "Ghost Blows," the movie "nine-story demon tower" I also saw two compare, I can only say, "Dragon tactic" spike "nine-story demon tower", effortlessly, you can Ur good to see the attitude of humility, respect for the original, as well as Hollywood adventure of learning. "Dragon tactic" very sincere, although not in the eyes of Hu eighty-one Chen Kun, Chen Kun but let me accept, I believe that many women in the audience will be his captive.

Good Chinese film is like "old cannon child", "Dragon tactic" so that you can feel the sincerity, one seriously, though they are commercial film, is to make money, but do you think this money is value.

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