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Sunday on June 7th, 2020Other

Night always makes me want to stay, it seems particularly fond of the night, like the dim light, quiet late at night can make me Fengyun impetuous heart calm down a little, I can not hear the share I do not want to hear the noisy, so often I have to stay up till two or three in the morning, the rest lasted almost two or three weeks, even if no matter the time, facing the computer daze when I have to that time, not without sleepy, is not sleep vain, but I think the night time is their own, in solitude, when every day is a lot of trivia you burnt, only to find you share the quiet solitude of how precious it is!

Recalling the days of reading, I discovered that I was happy, you found the school canteen food is so delicious, free time every day is so much, there are so many younger sister in front of you, you have to accompany a group of brothers crazy to play with you, and now, eat fast food waste oil is not cheap, seductive sister as rare as pandas, also could not find the partner of the year, finished the day classes, night time is really left to their own how much have it?

We always have the time of disapproval, lost, after Taichetaiwu, leaving only the remorse. I'm a person the benefit of hindsight, always belated, always out of date, maturity and age really do not have much relationship, more of a kind of talent, how many people have learned the benefit of hindsight it can consciousness ? The surface is not mature, is not installed, the more work is seen.

Graduate, maybe you can become a social person, because the school is too easy, this is a transition, feeling that he has been in the process did not grasp the direction, gradually disoriented, seemed driven to distraction every day, I have forgotten the original many ideas are replaced to find a job, earn money to eat. Ideal dead and buried, but also the ability to disappear, the original advertised and think different, put on today is how ironic ah!

Do not ask whether my girlfriend, this is my most willing to answer questions, but also wanted to blame, the answer is simple but always annoying, did not want to recognize those women and I have nothing in common, I really hold back not nice words, it will not flatter you, when you always put yourself where where to buy a house, I was nausea. I said do not sum to see it, perhaps turn for the better, I really had enough of this downturn, enough to depend on others, enough of cynicism, when you told me unhappy, please do not beat around the bush.

I want to remove the body burden, to think about before himself, please do not be too trusting commitment, a person tend to be the kind of weakness, it will become poor. Can not stand people always grateful that thanks to this, microblogging is becoming a platform to show off, suddenly want to say goodbye to all of this, perhaps only at night, turn off the computer and mobile phone, sitting on a chair in a cell on the Internet, not to think about the troubles around , so a man quietly!

The night was beautiful, please cherish!

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