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Teacher Good, Monk Biography Zatan

Sunday on April 26th, 2020Other

"Double Blind repair bridges and roads, murder, arson children and grandchildren and more."

Recently a lot has happened, I put aside their side of many things that ever since 2018 the world has grown more turbulent. I've been looking at the "Monk Biography", now see the one hundred and fiftieth multi-circuit the next book, not read. Last night also saw Yu Qian child this year's new film "teacher good", then write about here today, I think of topics for. Began to enter school exam week tomorrow, actually began last week, there were already programs are starting the exam. But after examination had also left two weeks of summer vacation, the rest of the school children gave me a good road code. Gossip on the first point, let us talk about the movie better.

"Hello teacher"

Let me not because of how important this film, mainly because I forgot. The book can be turned forgot, forget the idea do not write, but the film forgot, have to re-look at, but first say much trouble 2333, the following content will be suspected of spoilers, if not seen the movie and do not want to be spoiled , you can use the directory to the right of a direct skip to the next section.

Speaking of movies, I feel good, Miao Yu Qian Wan autumn starred teacher great feeling. The film reminds me of the French film "Les Choristes", about a music teacher and a group of problem students the story, the movie itself is very good, and I highly recommend everyone to see. Yu Qian movie of it, from the beginning to see a little light feeling, also a teacher, is also facing a minor but very idea of ??a group of high school students (who probably high school not so?), No better than the problem students where to go. But the French film different, Yu Qian this comparison down to earth, a roll call that period of pulling up smoking on great feeling, I think this should be the most unique little bar, foreign mostly no. As in the end how unique, I think of you will be able to feel it a look, read for yourself, there are many rich flavor and atmosphere of the area element in this movie beyond 2333, I think they must have given the film adds a lot of sense of substitution.

The overall rating for the movie, and I said so: "as good as" Les Choristes "elegant, but very rich, but not pure." It is natural and elegant than not is a French film, but the story is rich resonance and let I think it is even higher than the elegance of French film in the spirit of the more recent distance. The rich story of the movie is that people set and emotion: the story enough ups and downs, comedy is enough, funny when to make people laugh, but true to the emotional time, can make people feel a little sadness and even whom tears. About this story I do not want too many spoilers, but the film itself is also well worth a visit, why do not personally see them. Here to talk about it is not pure, may I request a little high, and the ratio of the French film, but in all fairness the film has a very good (do not look at scores), but I still want to say it's shortcomings. The so-called non-pure, emotional rendering is partially dependent on the time of the human environment. The whole story of the film occurred in the 1980s, simply my usual mess of things to see are more fortunate to know some of that time too, so the whole look down place and not do not understand, but for now peers (in 2000 and after the birth of), I think, for some parts of the movie will be difficult to understand, for example, unit allocation is doing, and why the outstanding teachers such recognition so seriously, and perhaps even to the end of the movie Miao Wan autumn Why did not get admitted to Beijing University admission notice and wonder - Shajiao content is too high? Fortunately, this film there is a college entrance examination, I think this is some deep feeling of many things.

Besides I think the end of the story is not very good. I feel a little sloppy at the end, not the end or that I want. Miao Wan autumn in the original students on graduation day leave, and for subsequent account of things, and I think most did not play a good old age Miao Wan quiet autumn meet that scene and I feel good enough. The first to leave the scene without expressive, very abrupt. In contrast Chorus leave Kelai Meng Matthew's account is very clear. Perhaps you want to play in a dull autumn to express grief Miao Wan away, but so sad to be in front of a light comedy elements covered, at least when I saw the end of the mood was not as calm to be able to feel the sadness of parting after careful thought, but woke up only to feel a sense of. For subsequent account of the matter, the narrative is simple, because it is not important to the main story. But here I want to play in this sublimation see it, but did not rise up, because with the former, eventually ending seemed a bit unbalanced. Finally, meet the teachers and students that scene I think is the best scene did not play good, little significance is unknown. After the end of reversal comeback Miao teacher, I believe that very play, it is untrue to this, people surely there is a feeling in the theater - the play of joy and sorrow can be written. But I feel that the script may want to express another sad: the play can write with the pen sorrows and joys, sorrows and joys in life can still cause the facts. Considering the movie did not specify is based on a true story, so I feel doubt be proposed.

But in fact there are many good aspects of the movie, which I did not mention nor wanted to write point is fine at the end of a quiet car accident, Miao Wan recalled staring at the quiet autumn to give him a key chain at the hospital. I think again earlier when the class is left behind to support the autumn Miao Wan Guan Tingting performing on stage that period, Miao Wan autumn probably has already begun to reflect on. Reflection perhaps not the right word, should start thinking about the conflict between himself and the students ideas. But the real scene to the hospital, Miao Wan autumn heart may begin to accept this conflict.

And this film for me, I think so: "Miao Wan autumn is a good teacher, a good human nature, not only the environment but even now, although I can accept some of the points mentioned in the movie, but I do. still do not agree with that kind of important college entrance examination, but also still do not agree with the teacher's Miao Wan autumn as the representative of practice. perhaps in the past for a long period of time, this is a memory for many people in a very shining for some time now . So even though I really have that kind of teacher in reality, maybe I can do is extend my highest respect, in addition can not do anything. the so-called assurances of my highest esteem, probably met no squalling not resent it. "

"Monk Biography" and the Hong Kong issue

The public may not necessarily well known: Hong Kong recently is not peaceful. Know will know, do not know themselves to Google search, the search will not let it go. Monk can say that the whole story was a pass, with Hong Kong and so what does it matter, ask me I do not know, I wanted to put together to talk about. In fact Actually, it's nothing but simple to share some of my reading, "Monk Biography" in some of the ideas, and how they are used in a recent issue of Hong Kong. First statement: on Hong Kong itself, I am not very happy position: Because I do not understand about this system of things, are listening to friends say a few words on the title and some pages of Google, I do not want to know, so the extent is limited to know, and I do not comment right or wrong. The following ideas just macro (unrealistic) of some guidance.

About Justice

Loyal and dutiful son, Yoshio widows, the inevitable misfortunes. Bribetaker eloquent party, Yinzei bullies, and never there must be retribution. People to do the book, writing, reading people change the evil and do good, to persuade Awaken people. For example, loyal righteous Crackdown hard, listen to the book reading people, and sometimes wished he could have saved. Why Luanchenzeizi, everyone was rather vocal? This is at the heart of the fair. Since ancient times a reason.

This passage from Monk Biography eighty-eighth back. I think it is very reasonable, which is probably the ancients it justice. And wherein said "loyal righteous Crackdown hard, listen to the book reading people, and sometimes wished he could have saved," the reason why hate, presumably upset by something, by now saying, angry probably will lose sanity. So first of all we advise you do not rush to get angry shouting abuse, domestic media not reported, presumably most of the foreign media is not a good man, all the news in a different position will have its favoritism and even modified, so it is again just after to fully understand things. Hong Kong can care of you eager to know the facts has been very valuable, but still have to remember, can not be fooled by the immediate reality, the gas on the heart also must not lose your head.

About how justice

Good and evil coming to an end eventually reported, only to struggle early and late.

Only for non-multi-opening trouble because the strong succeed.

These two also seen in Monk Biography, the source of more than one, it is unknown columns. About two words, my thoughts are as follows:

The so-called "good and evil coming to an end eventually reported, only to struggle early and late," the fortunes of retribution, most people are reported to cause and effect. So to see the phrase "non only for multi-opening trouble because the strong succeed" suddenly dawned. As previously mentioned in the book "loyalists met in trouble, could not wait to rescue." Although I think in today's society discerning eye, though small, mostly because life is busy and lost humanity (perhaps people here closer to Italian citizen), but that is really beyond the capacity of the individual. If it is strong early hard occurred to me that a few such dead. Both If so, I should continue to strive for an early sitting position on the current situation that can change it, if you have the words of life.

Change for other people's words, Moyo is also true: Given the situation today, may wish to think that they have no ability to protect themselves say that word. Chi Kung four people to do good to do good, because people have the ability to protect themselves, the reality is not really because if a sentence which led the police knocked on the door, maybe really able to protect themselves and their families, should be in the minority. This is not said to be afraid to die, but should not do to protect themselves meaningless sacrifice. When a stones throw to, not even a little bit stirred up waves on the lake to sink into the lake, which would mean that the stone would be quietly forgotten in the bottom of the lake? Life is also true.

Some other sensitive topics for

I have to do some reflection. All my remarks so far published, so many nice words did not sound good, I think are not really anti-communist treason, after all, I did not incite anyone to overthrow who, at best, nothing more than patriotic. I think patriotism is not every day a country boast how good, that's nonsense. It should be decent patriotic thing to think about the immediate practical state, the starting point is to make a good country, not to see the fun. Who is not born immortal, it is inevitable to make a decision right or wrong, I think it was wrong of me to say it, you do not accept, I say anti-communist treason, I do not think so. If you do not agree with you at least explain it I gotta disagree place. If it wanted to solve the problems found up people, then I think this is called bullying.

But, fortunately, and different countries and dealing with people, like a person is, the state is a collection of one side of the leadership of all persons under a regime, although dealing with people who are also in contact with some aspects, but it's different from person to person aspects on a piece between them there will be interaction. The so-called a word a word and prosperous state funeral is the truth of it. Also a comment issued to either be interpreted to be a feedback/criticism, can also be interpreted to be an offensive comment. And now embattled, precisely, is now a very unsafe environment, and I think the latter is interpreted as a positive feedback.

I hope that no matter who is a national or independent person to accept their mistakes and criticisms can they do it.


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