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400 telephone that point out the things

Sunday on February 23rd, 2020Other

Some departments don't act, some companies also shirk their responsibilities. Their 400 phone calls are not so normal. There are problems in three days and two ends. I'm totally cold hearted to you. The background processing speed is extremely slow. Some numbers have been audited for half a year, and the policy changes day by day.

Looking at the Internet reports, it is said that more than 700 of the 400 phone cases have dropped to more than 30, and the real reason behind TMD is that 1000 normal numbers have been closed down 600. Do you think the number of cases involved can not be reduced?

Dear agents

Since the implementation of the 400 real name system in China, our company has strictly carried out the real name registration of telephone users in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations and the relevant policies and requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In order to better regulate the orderly and healthy development of business, we hereby stipulate the 400 number punishment for fraud, violation or non service according to the company's platform management situation as follows:

1 About 400 number fraud penalty

If the 400 number customer is engaged in illegal business and is suspected of fraud, the 400 number suspected of fraud will be frozen, the account number of its agent will be closed, and the agent number will be fined 30000 yuan for each number.

If the circumstances are serious, the agency account will be permanently closed and the agency qualification will be cancelled, and all numbers under the account will be recovered, and the company where the agency is located will be put on record in each operator and MIIT, and the announcement will be made. Our company shall also submit relevant materials to the public security and judicial organs, and the state law enforcement department shall investigate their legal responsibilities.

2 Penalty for secondary sales of 400 numbers with real names

For the 400 number that has passed the real name certification, if the agent privately carries out secondary sales, once it is found, it shall be handled as follows.

If the customers who use the 400 number are engaged in regular business, the agent shall rectify within three working days. After verification, the agent who fails to rectify within the time limit shall be fined 1000 yuan, and the agent who violates the above violations for many times shall be fined 2000 yuan or more;

If the business of the agent violates the above provisions, please rectify immediately within the time limit. The agent who fails to rectify will receive the punishment notice and pay the fine within 5 working days after the notice is issued. If the agent fails to handle the problem within the time limit, the company will shut down the account and take back all the numbers.

3 About 400 number service

Due to the agent's untimely and inadequate service for 400 customers, the customer complained, and the agent did not have any service for the customer in the later stage. In view of the above situation, our company will take back the 400 number under the agent's name that is not serviced, and our company will directly serve the customer, and our company will be responsible for all the number renewal issues in the later period.

All agents are requested to attach great importance to, strictly review the real name data of all 400 customers, and hold relevant 400 customers accountable. All agents are requested to manage 400 customers in strict accordance with the requirements of the management measures, and increase the penalties for customers with problems.

Jinan Judian Technology Co., Ltd

February 16, 2017

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