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Between husband and wife how to educate their children with

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

Noon yesterday and his wife in a conflict, because that is before lunch children to oranges. Of course, before eating snacks is not good, so I said a few poor results. To the dinner table or a child crying for oranges, I would stare eye to child, child Bianxiang hide behind his mother. My wife said the results of education there is a problem, a problem not only say this, my education has been a problem. He said that children rely on to convince. Speaking of possible excited front of the children hit me on the head with chopsticks. Although only make it look good, but it will leave a bad influence to the children in front of the children. I will try to say what you call my wife really beat me once, I pushed his hand under his wife angrily threw the chopsticks on the table. After a calm, continue to eat, and I angrily saying a word. Eat half, my wife stormed away.

The current children's education, my wife and I have been at odds. Wife advocates to persuade the main, but I still prefer to "corporal punishment." Children age 4 and a half, sometimes not really understand a lot of things, you can not convince him, it would only let him remember that corporal punishment. Has now formed as soon as I say or punish the child, the child tried to give him my mother, "help", but this time his wife will front of the children say I was wrong. Although there are many times afterwards his wife took the children to let the children come to me personally to say "sorry", but I could see in his eyes, when children speak, the child's eyes told me that he did not recognize the error. This situation has form, really worries me.

In our rural areas, we have this to say "There is one person can make a care, even if wrong, could not care when the child's face." The wife and I have said many times, but do not know why my wife would personally protect children.

Under wife "protect" the child's cause analysis, she may think that children grow up, which is very sensible, persuasion and education have been applicable to the child! In fact not the case, a 4-year-old half-child, too young, not many can understand things. Plus the usual children outside grandparents develop a lot of bad habits with these things you use "persuasion" can not be solved!

Under re-analysis of my reasons, I teach children persuasion and education is low, the reason is I think now 4 years old and a half children understand less. So I was more than a critic.

Reanalysis next child, the son of the character is very "stubborn", the son sometimes think they can do something will stick. Now adult son and will "talk about the conditions," and even "threat." Hanging in the mouth, then his son is "if you do not let me XXX, I XXXX"; If adults do not let him do what he likes, he will be the sentence "bad father", "bad grandpa." . . . . It really makes me very worried.

My concern is that we as a couple are both teachers and even their own children too busy, tube well.

I have seen many articles on, when persuasion and education achieving its purpose when appropriate corporal punishment is necessary.

And now his wife is still "cold war", which should be married more than "cold war" the longest six years time. "Cold War" a long time point good, I think we should think more about children's issues in education in the "cold war", they should how to "control" children. So as not to regret later.

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