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I do not want to end high school summer vacation

Wednesday on February 19th, 2020Other

"You always wanted to take, so you can write poetry." Someone said Takuro.

Takuro's girlfriend, is his muse. "Because of her love for this love and excited, anxious, restless, I have been in the performance of these lyrics. I wrote all the songs come from the feeling she makes me feel. See her, all my the song is saying one idea: to see you. "1Takuro recalled in the" heart "of.

This feeling, I can understand, because I have had this experience, the only difference is that, Takuro song popular in the crowd, and my poetry no longer be traced. Only when I fell in love emotions, will have the desire to write poetry, can not meet the kind of thoughts, the kind of impulse to want to convey the mind, not the kind of despair respond, if only bored in my heart can not be released, I can not stand it. Therefore, only by poetry, in verse or implicitly in the breakdown naked pain, to spend the night.

I started writing poetry from a certain time junior high school, a time to stop until the university. At that time, I no longer have the emotional aspects of this once thought would always like high school students, naturally, also lost interest in poetry. Or, is no ability to write poetry, no matter how brains, could not think of a good sentence. Students who, perhaps loves me last muse, even though her refusal, I tasted too much pain.

When I once again pursuing a girl, I just write a love letter, like with a lot of flowery language and metaphor, it is that I do not look at the second time of writing, too ashamed of. Probably it became lovers, emotions have been met, so the poem will become useless. I have never written a poem for her, she is no such requirement, because I never say to someone they like poetry. In our brief exchanges, I made the girl a lot of things too much, and now want to come, then they really are very hateful.

These days I would like to understand one thing, his reason kept tossing blog, or even a word of indentation is also preoccupied, not because he is what a perfectionist or obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, but only that they have a strong control For, you want to control the code for each character. At the time I was in contact with her, the also inadvertently show their desire to control it, want to become like her lover I imagined. For this myself, I can not help but feel shame and fear.

Gibran said: "A man can love two women, a man lies within his imagination, a not yet born." This sentence is good. When strangers, she is fit my imagination girls, but really became lovers, but more concerned about those imperfections. With this in mind, for the confession of failure in the future, it seems not so heartache.

After that, I liked the two girls, each about a year like it, perhaps really "run out of ideas", that would be never written a few poems for them, it touches a lot of writing a diary. At first glance, no matter how sad the movie plot, over time, will gradually blurred impression, like a scab scar, feels will not hurt, and may even forget how the original is injured. Now, even sitting across from them, I can keep cool it.

You get older, like when a person becomes cautious and do not want to give yourself the trouble. I was actually a child grow up, mind only play things. But this age of love, it is difficult to avoid getting married. Marriage is not the result of a natural love for you, I think beforehand if they started to feel such a thing is not too much to pay the price to get married, or love more relaxed. This is really embarrassing situation ah.

I was not like people to feel the power of life of people, it seems to have no more than a year like people, and I was hardened and become decadent or become of it.

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