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Learn from Mr. Science

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Other

Mr. sort of person race, Sainz is also transliterated word from Westerners who Science ear.

One hundred years ago today, due to any government representatives in Paris and at the failure of diplomacy, the news reached home, led to the famous May Fourth Movement. The campaign has brought a lot of new ideas, since there are two gentlemen began to appear in the centuries-old process of ups and downs thereafter, one of whom is Mr. Science.

Why should Mr. Science study, the most wise because Mr. Science and understated, refined and always so calm, not rash. Mr. Science Shangzhi astronomy knowledge of geography, he knows laws governing the operation of the universe, He taught mankind out of superstition, understanding of nature, transform the world, learn to live. Mr. Race broad minded, regardless of race color, where the person determined by hard work, there are harvest.

Under Mr. Science's help, often because of their human achievements and become arrogant, so carried away, deviant. But this time, Mr. tournament will thinking, what he taught mankind will regret it so much stuff, or disappointed to learn that humans can not do it. I think Mr. Race did not want to, he did not care.

Chinese youth are willing to get rid of cold air, just go up, do not give up on themselves by listening to the words flow. Can do things do things, you can audible sound. There is a hot minute, splitting a hair, to make the fireflies in general, you can also send a little light in the darkness, without waiting Juhuo.

- Lu Xun "hot air-impression, forty-one"

My young friends, let us respect for science, to learn from Mr. Science.

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