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SARFT cautious hope

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Other

Le me go, these words I say unhesitatingly up. He said he was surprised no solution or surprised.

Today is Valentine's Day, but children are pretty fart join in the fun! Tanabata is the Chinese people our lovers' holiday ah, does forget something? Like last time I criticize the Chinese New Year New Year's Day when the same! Moderate everything on the line.

With the Western theatrical hit in the land of China, a number of previously unknown holiday customs has gradually spread to China. The surface appears to have little impact, but this can be described as a culture of aggression, aggression culture of more terrible than war. A nation without their own customs and festivals are suppressed, and is not standing in the nations of the world!

For cultural aggression, I think the Japanese are the first to be used in China who now is in Korean aggression against China by culture, along with the Western countries as well. I seem to vaguely see what that is accompanied by the integration into the cultural diversity of the world, there are ulterior motives cultural invasion!

terrible! terrible!

SARFT look carefully, carefully look central, yet awakening of the Chinese people look carefully!

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