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I and xiangtian Bangzi

Saturday on March 7th, 2020Other

Xiangtian Bangzi, a famous Japanese dramatist, died in the air crash in 1981. He and I, a Chinese born 90 years later, can't have any interaction at all. Therefore, such a topic can't get rid of the suspicion of attracting people's attention. However, although there is no physical communication in the air at the same time, at least spiritual communication can be carried out in different time and space, even if it is unilateral, which is the magic of the book.

When I first met him, she was still in "little Doudou TV station" starring man Shimao Guang. She sat at the table of the restaurant and wrote the script. She lived in the apartment alone, with a sunflower like smile, gentle and elegant, just like a big sister who couldn't help but want to be attached.

Later, when wandering among the bookshelves of the library, I came across a love letter to Tian Bangzi, the author of which is Xiang tianhezi, his sister. The content of the book is a little unclear. It seems that it is composed of two parts: xiangtian Hezi's memory and xiangtian Bangzi's letters. In fact, it is not the love letter shown in the title of the book.

In the past two days, I found a collection of essays "women's index finger" written by Xiang tianbangzi on the Internet. I read a few of them casually. The writing is easy and concise, which is very suitable for reading for recreation. Some of the contents of the collection easily recalled and resonated with me.

To be honest, I still don't know much about xiangtian Bangzi, I'm not familiar with her life and I haven't read her novels, but just a few essays make me feel kind. However, I can only write about xiangtian Bangzi here. Next is my own business.

Recently, I always like recollection, and I remember things when I was young. Like a fully armed cleaner, I broke into the dusty warehouse of my childhood, tried to dust every corner, trying to reveal the traces left by life.

When do people like to remember? It's probably when they have no hope for the future and are stagnant.

In the martial arts drama, he mentioned to Tian Bangzi a passage in his essay by the painter Feng Jian:

When walking on the road, I will hold the mindset of Swordsman and walk forward while killing the wrong person. Men love to make trouble, so they want to kill. Women are mostly dangerous these days, so they want to kill. Old people feel very bad, so they are ruthless.

Xiang tianbangzi said that she was very happy to read the passage. I can't remember whether I had the pleasure of killing people, but I remember clearly that whenever someone passes by on a bicycle, he will be kicked to the ground at once. I don't think it's a kind of abnormal psychology, and I don't think I'm shaking S. in short, I think it unconsciously. When I was a child, I didn't have any toys. I could only use my poor imagination to alienate the world around me.

Xiang tianbangzi recalled the biscuits he had eaten when he was a child. During the war, it was English letter biscuits with sugar. After the war, it was the "Kun Bu soap" snack used by the US Army as rations for war preparations. It suddenly occurred to me that I had biscuits when I was young. At that time, our family still lived in a leaky grass house in rainy days. Every morning, my mother would put some biscuits at the head of the bed, and I could eat them when I woke up, so I would obediently wait for her to go home after selling tofu along the street. I can't remember what kind of biscuit it is. It should be a common kind in the canteen. It's the kind of rectangular biscuit used in the coffin at the funeral.

I really forgot about this for a long time. If I didn't read the article about Tian Bangzi, I would probably continue to sleep. But now in retrospect, there is neither the sweetness of biscuits nor the bitterness of life.

Xiang tianbangzi was told that he had seen the dim sum of "Quebec soap" in the movie "Tianlun Mengjue" in front of the grocery store where James Dean chatted with his friends. Xiang tianbangzi said that she had seen the film three times, but had no impression. I've seen it once, and I don't remember having such a grocery store at all. James Dean deserves to be an extremely handsome man. I've seen his name in Korean dramas and Japanese books several times. It's just because I've seen his films that I feel very kind to see his name every time. Maybe it's because I know too few stars.

Movies, books, classic works can always be enjoyed by generations, but everyone's mood is different. Now, as long as you can earn money today, it doesn't matter if you become garbage tomorrow.

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