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I do not listen

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Other

Yesterday, someone told me that I needed to change their concept of consumption. While I understand why, the next one also will go along, then we began a discussion of the concept of consumption of their so-called enlightenment. I listened to a few minutes, thrust is to advance overdraft, also known as a loan, where it was purchased, that is, house and car. After showing how great they have in terms of investment, in turn, they told me I was a failure.

They say to a person to have their own idea of ??how to consume. Since consumer attitudes is their own business, they why can so easily be judged by another person yet. Could that be yourself trapped in the investment field can not extricate themselves, so that can not be reconciled want to pull a person into the water? Or occasionally I got a little bit of success, so it is billed as the endless boasting successful people in front of the losers they think?

To be honest I was a little angry, angry not because of the reasons I believe they boast of success and feel like a loser, but because they are by virtue of the so-called investment success with the expansion of mentality make an assessment to others. Even investment in real estate appreciation, then you do sell out, the appreciation of the money you could get hand it can become liquidity to withstand risks it obviously can not, then what are blowing it blow.

Perhaps really have the means to invest, but I believe that those who master the muffled fortune will never judge another person so casually. Dialogue, learn good things, bad things still have to stay in mind.

Lecture people, but also people's suffering. For the record.

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