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Temperature continues to drop

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Other

Cooling the fifth day today, and tomorrow morning to change clothes thick. Because I heard that do not change immediately after after cooling equipment, first let the body cold a few days after the lift the immunity pulls thick clothes ~

Guanghan weather is relatively good, five days after a heavy rain temperatures will drop down. Finally bid farewell to the fall, it seems, so winter came.

Campus tree leaves have been falling almost the same, only the ginkgo is still golden. The cold weather also freezing your hands, do not even bother to hand notes, had his pockets, looking at the head enjoying themselves listening to the teacher on the podium ......

186 days left from the entrance, six months. After six months, they will bid farewell to high school, really think about it a bit like the weather now so dull desolate.

Sometimes really think the weather will affect the mood, and even about the mood.

This winter we must pay more attention to, and can not regenerate frostbite, especially after the hands had frostbite quite painful, so I will be more than fine Cuocuo Shou ~

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