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Read three day happiness felt

Tuesday on June 2nd, 2020Other

Late yesterday to today 1:30 pm It took about five hours to read the "three-day happiness", I feel this is the sweetest I've ever read a novel, and I have great admiration for the author's writing style, really powerful.

I will destroy this writing here. Now from doing what does not work too far away.


I always like to go online to do their homework before reading, take a look book reviews and the like. I do not think this is regarded as spoilers, not to mention the front and back cover of this book will play through a tale tone of most of those who read the book to know: every word and even each punctuation mark on this book, are this story constitute indispensable elements, and thus erase either, are no longer a complete story, so there is no worry about spoilers.

I learned from the Internet that the book is about a young man to sell life, death and a girl in the story, of which there are childhood blending them, thought this was a very sad story, then dragged more than a week did not dare turn. Until yesterday decided to quit the B station, make good use of this thirty-four hours freed up to do meaningful things every day, it finally decided to take a look. Later, we have to think reading: "His mother put a fart sad, I opened the book and saw this book without illustrations on every page that says crooked 'death despair' words I could not sleep anyway, carefully. looked a long time before they see the word from the crevices of the word, is written all over this' life and love/love is beautiful '' -! Lu Xun.

Lu Xun: I did not say, Bite your tongue, ah, not me, who's who to turn to.

As the opening said, this is the sweetest love story I have ever seen. Despite the sadness which also brings death, but I think because of dotted with death, which makes the romance between Miyagi and Phoebe seem so bright and sweet.

Three day happiness

At first I began to read this novel I kinda resist, even while reading the book aside and say comic dialogue. After all, the beginning of a world view quite hard to accept, say up there acquired the life, health and time, pay the money by selling great extent in accordance with the rest of his life. At that time I felt that the company should really have, in China earn more than the uncertain Ma. Ma seen this business savvy or not, there may be hope Ma, he would copy ah (manual funny).

In addition, with the deepening of the story, this book my attitude has changed slowly, of course, is probably accustomed to the Japanese light novel kind of fantasy setting it. In short, I no longer entangled in the background story of how unscientific the set, I began to focus on the development of the plot. Reading the story from the point of view should take place in accordance with the order or writing stories to write, but I think if they do not go over the original works directly reading appreciation, I think how can not read. Especially for this work, I think of where the buttons are just right, there is nothing wrong.

Let me talk about the heroine Miyagi. When her young mother has chosen to sell their time in exchange for life (you see, there are people that have to sell to buy this stuff better than Amoy Bora quick money?), But with the life or health of different things, you may not necessarily have a life to live enjoy that life, so her mother would work his way (just like now time to sell this work a sense, is just the kind of advance salary) additional death, and the company is not willing to specify, the money to the man hung up, would not dead loss, so he found her daughter Miyagi, Miyagi was also very small, select the time of the sale to pay off debts left from the mother. So when the hero into the company wants to sell life, women already well aware of the rules of the game.

A book that men should start Phoebe rest of his life worth 300,000 yen, confessed afterwards the male was only worth 30 yen, a RMB about two dollars now. The extra money is Miyagi gave him. The reason for the novel:

Miyagi: Anyway, the job will finally let me into the mother's despair, on the first die before then also finished liabilities. Even if the end really be able to restore freedom of the body, we can not guarantee the rest of his life can ever happy, in that case, like this child to spend money but still relatively happy.

Human nature, indeed. I do change, and if I died there Liuzaishishang enormously wealthy man, I would choose all donated to UNICEF about, or to Phoebe that - random with the rest of his life in exchange for that (Miyagi send a) three hundred thousand, ten thousand a randomly distributed to passers-by.

After Phoebe sell the life of the company in order to prevent any non-thirds of people make the move prior to death (such as "going to die anyway, it is better to say that the criminal law are dry again," like the idea), then sent inspectors 7x24 hours constantly beside him in person with the sale of life. But afterwards Miyagi account:

Miyagi with soft mellow voice said, "not just the value of life and Miss Ji wild thing, even if you cause trouble to others, your life will be on the spot to settle this matter is lying to you, and from me one hundred meters will die of something is false, then these are only for his own fabricated lies. "

And Phoebe's reaction:

"So this is ah."

"If you're angry words, no matter what you do does not matter to me oh."

"What can?" I (Phoebe) asked.

"Ah, no matter how much things can be."

"Well, I polite slightly."

Then finished, I pulled Miyagi hand. Etc. She stood up, put her in my arms tightly.


I want to remember everything Miyagi, her soft hair, cute ears, slender neck, with weak shoulders back, chest small ups and downs, beautiful waistline. I want to run out of the five senses, so that all feel deep memories, imprinted in the hearts.

So that his face no matter what, can at any time think of all this, never forgotten.

"You're going too far." Miyagi choked continued, "you do, how can I put you forget it?"

You see, life is not only made money selling it, also issued a girlfriend, how I never quite found it so good ??

There are obviously two months, the male will kick in, available here, but he is not read to the imminent death of despair and helplessness, only in Miyagi love sweet and warm. This is really infinite power of it.

In these two months, Phoebe Miyagi also decided to help pay off debt. Miyagi debt than Japanese office workers reportedly earn even more lives, but in the end authors come to a reasonable large reversal. Phoebe child like painting, but for various reasons, mostly of his childhood Himeno (personal opinion), this led to his skills did not play well, but after experiencing Miyagi, but also to catch his death (also a personal point of view), and finally can concentrate on the painting, so he sold the last thirty days, the Miyagi longer need to work three years can be freed, while Miyagi had to work for 30 years to pay off. After that, Phoebe's life ushered in the last three days. As a rule, the last three days of the Ombudsman is not required. You like to tell you personally after you three days to die, and what he can do in addition to the despair of it, no matter how earth-shaking, can not change the outcome of his death three days later, unless there is something more precious than life - (I Do not know what is said to be "love" seems too general, but specifically to speak, I do not know what to say. is love, but also included people treasure, of you experience it yourself).

The closer death, everything around it becomes more and more precious, the more its value can not be measured by money. Phoebe decided to give this moment to give up the last three days of happiness (Miyagi as the Ombudsman need to monitor the sale of life's other life), let her live better to do their last strength in Miyagi. This can be time again of a big reversal: Miyagi that Phoebe was after their own debt, also decided to sell all their life, leaving three days.

- At this time, suddenly heard a voice behind.

"Yes ah, obviously is such a good man ah."

This road sound, I am very familiar with.

This is not a day or two will be able to forget the sound.

Want to completely forget this channel sound, will probably take three hundred years, no, it should take three years.

I turned to the source of the sound.

I'm sure of.

I should have heard wrong.

But until the actual see the face, I still can not believe it.

She was happy with a smile.

"Miyagi ah, what a terrible woman yet."

Miyagi finish the sentence, he reached out and ring around my neck.

"I'm back, Mr. Phoebe, I'm looking for you for a long time yet."

I reflective hold back, her hair smelling incense.

This is fully consistent with the share of in-depth body of "Miyagi sense."

She really is here.


In my mind still confusion on the occasion, Miyagi hold my hand says it all,

"It's incredible it, why I can be here? Staggering devil everyone see me? ...... The answer is simple ah, because I did the same thing with you."

"The same thing?"

After a few seconds, I immediately understood the meaning of Miyagi.

"You sold ...... How much?"

"Like you, I have sold all life, now only three days."

My mind was a blank side.

"After selling the life of Mr. Phoebe, who contacted the agent watchman on me, will you tell me life is not left to sell, but also for me also lost most of the debt. After listening, I would do the moment this decision, he even helped me formalities are completed of. "

I should think it very sad fishes.

I sacrificed everything guardian objects actually betrayed my mind, sold all his life, I should do this sigh.

But not so, now I feel very happy.

His betrayal and silly is now my most precious treasures.

Miyagi eyes closed sitting beside me leaned forward.

"It's terrible, sir Phoebe. Only thirty days to redeem most of my life ...... However, I am very sorry, I personally will you finally come back to life I grab abandoned. I was a fool it. "

"But how," I said, "stupid is me, even if only for three days, without you, I do not live, but did not know where to go next."

Miyagi happily cheek on my shoulder.

"Thanks to you, my life seems to have become more valuable, oh, so pay off the debt, leaving a lot of money, how to spend three days also enough of it."

"It's not become super rich yet?" I exaggerated hold around Miyagi shaking.

"Er, yes ah, I'm a millionaire now, but slightly." Miyagi also hugged me, saying insolent expected.

Although I have a misty eyes, but Miyagi favorably, so I totally do not care.

I was about to die without leaving a trace.

Perhaps some good people will remember me so stupid, but I forget the possibility of it should be larger.

But, I do not care.

Now I no longer look forward to the eternal dream before.

Even if not by anyone missed it anyway.

Because, my side has to accompany the girl.

Because beside her willingness to expose me smile.

Just this point, I can forgive everything.

"Well, sir Phoebe."

After Miyagi sit up, goes with adorable smile again asked me:

"The next three days plan how to spend it?"

I think it's only three days.

Certainly that would otherwise be very tragic than three decades.

This is full of meaning than that of the thirty days.

Even more valuable now.

Miyagi is also only three days of life, the human death from one into two, that this is more a sad thing, but I did not read a little sad at the end, but more of a protagonist who warmth and happiness.

Read here think of the beginning of the inscription

And, in the end,

the love you take is equal to the love you make.

If so.


I have the same opinion as the original author, "and I never did want to talk about the value of life through work, or the power of love." Around the past many famous or nameless, the emphasis on both a certain few, such a serious topic, no one can not write, but I think there must also write better than this work, more educational writings. "In these" death metal just to cure disease stupid guys' eyes, the world should be a beautiful party thing and when they continue to regret and sigh, "I obviously live in such a beautiful world," or "I obviously know how to accept all kinds of things to live, "but the more regret, this world is more cruel it was beautiful.", the author says, "to this she often thought beautiful into words," so delicate with the authors describe and superb writing style, this work will be appropriately - and people struggling in the mud with each other redeeming love, is not that filled "life and love/love the beauty of" pages of it.

In a love relationship can be mutually sake of each other, and even give up their side of great interest for each other, and even life, people say the so-called "true love", which should be regarded as beautiful. Today, walking in the campus to see the people in the film golden ginkgo, I feel pretty, and then to thinking about why. Why do people see the scenery will feel beautiful? Why do people read this story will feel beautiful, very like, feel warm from the bottom of my heart? And why this beauty but also be able to touch people's hearts?

In science, I do not know. In metaphysics, I can probably say that on a say.

Roughly I think the United States should at least not readily available, at least scarce subjective. The natural beauty of the mountains and plains, you see, and not see it all there, pleasant and often not noticed immediately after reaching a place, especially in modern mobile phones and other electronic products that we often ignore them, but only that a moment, you notice, from the heart that this beautiful scenery, playing my heart glad, feel refreshing. The love/love story should be even more obvious. In reality of course there are, but I really do not common, plus this story (if not dead then) also have imagined - and who would not want to spend the rest of his life a partner sexual gratification it?

After reading this book I commented, "tweeted forty-five hours read the book 15 million words, not much feeling, but really I have read novels of the most powerful love story. Contrast to the previous read , what other more appropriate word to describe this works great and there was no significant difference in the relationship between the protagonist, but the death of embellishment can make it even more dazzling and sweet, happy. "Besides, I do not think out there or a sentence. And my writing as the reduction in the number of writing, is really more to die. This article completely failed to show in my heart a better feel for the "three-day happiness," a book. In addition, I recently decided to find time to read it again, this is unprecedented. Read the book again before rewarding feeling is enough, this one different, I think that is not enough, you should read it again. Too shocked.

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