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09 Spring Southwest Network University Chinese teaching theory answers

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

Primary language teaching theory Homework:

First: ?? 1 ??? 2 wrong, the wrong ??? 3, ??? wrong 4, ??? 5, 6 ???? wrong

7, ??? 8, 9 ??? wrong ??? 10,?? 11, wrong ??? 12,

Second: ?? 1, D ??? 2, A ???? 3, B ???? 4, C ???? 5, B ??? 6, C??

? 7, B ??? 8, A ???? 9, D ???? 10, C

Third: 1, ABCD ?? 2, AB ?? ?? 3, AD ??? 4, BCE ???? 5, AC????

6, ABC ??? 7, ABD ??? 8, CD ?? ?? 9, BC? ????? 10, ACE

Fourth: 1, ABCDEFG ?? ?? 2, ABCD ?? ?? 3, ABCD ?? ?? 4, ABC ??? 5, ABCDE ???

? 6, ABC ?? 7, ABCD ??? ?? 8, ABD ?? ??? 9, ABC ???? 10, ABCDEFG

Fifth: 1, ??? 2, 3 ??? wrong ???? 4, ??? 5, wrong ???? 6, 7 ??? wrong, wrong ???

? 8, 9 ???, ??? for 10, 11 ???, ?? wrong? 12,

the sixth time:

I. Glossary:

1. Language literacy: language literacy focuses on "comprehensive", it language skills (literacy, writing, reading, exercise, oral communication) as the core, is language proficiency and knowledge of languages, language accumulation, aesthetic, moral, thinking quality, personalized character, learning direction, learning habits organic integration. This accomplishment not only for the strong reading, exercise, oral communication ability, but also showed a strong ability to use - the ability to use the language in their lives, as well as the ability to constantly update knowledge, in a word, language comprehensive knowledge is needed to adapt to life, integration, language literacy has good prospects for development.

2. Oral communication: the so-called oral communication, that a particular person (including listening, speaking both sides), in specific language environment, to a certain goal, the use of oral language, in an appropriate manner, transmission of information, exchange of ideas and feelings. Oral communication is the most important feature of immediacy. Secondly, oral communication is situational. Intercourse oral communication process is a complex psychological process activities on both sides.

3. ???? primary school language teaching routine: refers to the process of language teaching in primary school, primary school language teachers must complete the most basic procedures, typically include preparing lessons, lessons, correcting homework, tutoring, test and write teaching notes, lectures observation and evaluation projects. These projects do primary school language teaching plays an important role, is to implement the basic language training to complete primary school language teaching tasks and improve the basic aspects of the quality of teaching. ???

4. Primary language integrated learning: a comprehensive learning will help students improve morpheme in locomotor activity of interest

Yang, is to train students to actively explore, unity and cooperation, an important way to innovative courage, should be actively promoted. Mainly for the comprehensive use of language knowledge, I heard that in close connection with the overall development of literacy, language courses and other courses in communication, book-learning and practice activities. Comprehensive study should be emphasized that the spirit of cooperation, attention to students planning, organization, coordination and implementation capacity. Comprehensive study should highlight the autonomy, emphasis on students proactive participation, mainly by students to design and organize activities. With particular emphasis on exploration and research process. Promote cross-cutting study, cooperate with other courses.


Second, the difference between brief teaching and teaching methods.

A: The way of teaching is the sum of all the teaching activities of teachers and students to achieve the purpose of teaching undertaken. Teaching, both teachers teaching, but also students' learning process. Teachers teaching and learning students to learn collaborative ways to accomplish the task of teaching each other, is the unity of teaching and learning methods. People used the teaching method called "law professor." December 1927, Comrade Mao Zedong in the "Chinese Communist Party Ninth Congress of the Fourth Army resolution" discussed in the top ten law professor, is the use of the word "law professor." People educator advocated "law professor" renamed pedagogy. This is because the "law professor" word can not express the process of teaching teachers and students bilateral activities. He believes that the methods and methodology of teaching are linked, teaching methods students learn to consider. The teaching process of teaching, including teachers teaching and students learning French, but not a simple sum of the two, nor can teachers teaching and students learning process completely separate. Teachers teaching by students is bound to study the law, which reflects the role of Shariah; and study of law students in the teaching process, in fact, is the study of law under the guidance of teachers (or under the influence), though sometimes students the study is carried out in the form of self-study, but it is different from the self-school youth, but in learning activities directly or indirectly affect the education of teachers. So, teaching is a bilateral joint activities of teachers and students together, teaching is a dialectical Teaching and Learning Methods unity.

??? teaching, usually known as teaching methods. Generally used more confused. Strictly speaking, although both are also common side but there are differences.

???? we say "teaching approach is the sum of all the activities of teachers and teaching activities to achieve educational purposes undertaken." It is "the sum of the active approach" refers to the teaching method, should be the sum of the teaching methods and organizational forms such as under certain ideological guidance of teaching, in general, is teaching a particular ideological guidance, to achieve a series of teaching purposes ways of teaching system. Commonly referred to as "Suggestopedia", "discovery teaching method" and so on, this reflects a form of teaching activities, which method also reflects the thinking of the pedagogy of teaching, teaching principles, constitutes a relatively complete there are ways and systems of order activity.

???? The "teaching methods, teaching means that the individual parts of the methodology." Such as: training method, demonstration method, classroom questioning method. Teaching methods, teaching is often expressed as a series of operational activities of one side. There are obvious operational, it is only a part of the pedagogy.

Third, the analysis of the practice topic: ???????

???? 1, comments: Teach with "Swallow" Section 4 of the lesson, the teacher two different questions, the effect is not one. Please Review the pros and cons and analyze its causes.

???? A: A stay in the traditional teaching, a question and answer, tedious. B teachers to create situations, let the students read the language section, read the Wu, read in thinking, reading meeting. Fully stimulate students' interest in learning, in a relaxed yet dynamic teacher-student interaction process, appreciate the beauty of language articles. "Language curriculum standards" in the "Suggestions" section states: "Reading is a dialogue between students, teachers, text." Reading teaching dialogue, it refers to a between teachers, students, spiritual text meet, collide on the mind, through conversational interaction between the two, to find the world, found that the purpose of self and mutual discovery. A teacher in the teaching process, we took the train to ask, it is boring, not fully stimulate students' curiosity and inquiry. The B teachers are focusing on communication with students.

?? 2, replied: Design two questions from teachers, you realize the design rule method What questions?

A: The following methods can be used when design issues: (1) reveals the contradictions, caused by thinking; (2) Deep coherent questioning; (3) the lateral expansion, and promote "migration"; (4) streamlining the number of straight into focus ; (5) take the "bridge" paved "road", anything easy. Of particular note here is to design better teacher preparation problems, but also pay attention to the following points when implemented in the classroom:

??? expression (1) issue should be clear and allow students to hear the question. To prevent problems with suggestive easily insert and tendentious in class discussions. Otherwise, the student teachers about the idea, do not contribute to the development of students' thinking.

??? (2) after questions to enable students to have sufficient time to prepare. Larger capacity issues to enable students to have enough time to read, to think, to prepare; general questions should give students time to think thirty-five seconds.

???? (3) Question and Answer named to the needs of all students. A class, there are a few "elite" students, the answer to the problem is not hard to do, the difficulty is to make all students have the benefit. A general question refers to the next, such as partial students from the beginning, and then moderate, superior, especially in the lower to encourage students to speak out, teachers should patiently listen to their speeches.

????? 3, Practice: please "phase and" "Mianchi Club" a lesson, for example, design a total intake text, but also consider the value of the question of the role played REVIEW.

??? A: Mianchi what happened at the meeting, Lin is how the struggle? Lin was the performance of what quality? What is the reason for Zhao victory?

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