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Animation Seraph of the End

Friday on May 29th, 2020Other

Recently chasing a cartoon called "The Seraph of the End", whether the story is set, or the relationship between the characters, I liked and recommend it to everyone.

Synopsis: depicts one day due to unknown virus raging, mankind is faced with the dilemma of extinction. At this time, only children under the age of 13 will not be infected by the virus, but these children were vampires emerging from the underground city are imprisoned, and as a supplier of blood for livestock. Two heroes - one hundred and one hundred Ichiro excellent night Mijia Er night trying to flee, to escape the results of only the former, the latter due to dying on the occasion drank vampire blood made for a vampire. In order to avenge Mijia Er, filled with hate for vampires has decided to join the Emperor's excellent Ichiro ghost army, opened the war with a vampire ......

"Seraph of the End," the OST, I can only say prelude so beautiful. There is also a video on ACfun "Lex Tucao Seraph of the End", the content is very funny, but there are a lot of spoilers. Concise, short, very nice!

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