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Sedum job (2): Lotus

Thursday on May 28th, 2020Other

In this day and age there are pictures and the truth, in order to maintain an active blog, the need to work with multiple map. I now have more than 180 species of Sedum, keep this flower is both happy in the city, decompression, but also a sad experience because the balcony is too small, there is no support at all bad 20 square meters. The following pictures are real shot, no filters.

(Snow, this figure I've set for your computer desktop.

Click to enlarge, click on the following pictures are enlarged, hold the phone across the view, and open automatically turn the screen, much better results.

* = Snow lotus flower Moonlight)

(Silhouette, tree especially beautiful in the sun, another day to make another)

(Strawberry ice in the sun colors more beautiful, I love the lotus.)

(Strawberry ice, and the figure is the same one)

(I'll Dongyun, love the breed)

(Famous Sansen: blue Moon Palace, sunset)

(Water lilies)

(Water lilies, and the figure is the same pot in the sun, love lotus)


(The sun Empress)


(White Rose, thin-leaf collectors true love)

(White Rose)

(Blu-ray, a little dormant in late summer, these days suddenly become red)


(AK Maria)

(Debbie, it is easy to become purple)

(Pink rabbit)

(Hibiscus snow lotus, super classic old varieties)

(Orange ice, jelly color when I first came, but unfortunately it did not capture, now jelly color faded.)

(Snow, and a 1 is the same)

(Snow, and a 1 is the same)


This year is the 11-year solar activity cycle is active in the sun is particularly strong, do not add shade nets, died recently about 1/20, in the summer could have been good, there are many autumn sudden sleep. In fact, add a shade net, generally will not die.

These kinds of flowers, but also to: the search for life in that lotus flower.

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