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Written 2012

Thursday on May 28th, 2020Other

Many see Bo Friends of the blog are beginning to write the first thing the 2012's, it seems that this is a well-known thing. I happen to specialize in the study of 2012 events, has been nearly five years, I have studied the cause of the 2012 event as an ordinary person, five years ago that the relevant information to confirm the information is not false, it has been exploring. 2012 events, from beginning to end there will not be a certain scene, the future is unpredictable, because the future is determined by the collective thinking of mankind, changing all the time. 2012 of the nature of the event, is an opportunity for the whole of human evolution to higher civilization (I've written a lot of detail in the previous blog). It does not happen in the winter solstice in 2012, but from 1981 to 2012 at any one point in time. However, we missed it, most of us still choose to remain in this primitive and old civilization, prices higher and higher, more and more traffic congestion. Social problems unresolved. We are still repeating the old civilization, people choose to repeat. We really have a new birth yet? No, but we continue to repeat the old civilization.

There are many things to be true. Like 2008, August 8, the opening date of the Olympic Games. By that time, the opening of the Olympic Games must be, because each of the Olympic Games will be held as scheduled, it has been used. Again like every year 1-9 months, the students will rise to senior high level. 2012 event also has a problem similar point of time, but most of us choose not to believe that the choice of repetition. In the critical moment, we see overwhelming rumor. So, we firmly stuck in the same place.

Supernatural phenomenon now skeptical friends, in recent years the most representative supernatural phenomenon occurred in 2010, the bridge of the Russian Volga River Bridge "twisted" events, you can Baidu or Google search for "Volga River Bridge distortions" it can find a video, when many TV stations, websites have reported. Video 01:56 and 04:20 two, are able to see the UFO moving rapidly, it is obviously alien manufacture of supernatural phenomena together. Video distortion event Volga River Bridge

In 2012, the most representative of the supernatural events of March 2012 is more than one Earth-sized spherical UFO, with "straw" in the "suck" the sun, as we all know, the sun's surface temperature is about 6000 . Online has released this video, this video is about March 8, 2012 to March 12, 2012, have time on video. This video is a fast-forward, indicating that this UFO remain in the surface of the sun in the "suck" the sun has gone through a good few days. Experts can explain it? They had to explain, but they will only hide and media together. The "smoking Sun" video, at least to explain the evolution of higher life in the solar system concern. Egyptian belief in the "Titan" is real, they located the rings of Saturn, they are guardian. Solar system, the Earth and other planets so regularly run, because there are their management. The "suck sun" such as video address: http: //

Foreign official said that the UFO is to the sun spray cooling substance, I think there is some truth.

Aliens and 2012 events, though? We have a great relationship. Call them aliens, is not so appropriate. Some of them than modern man evolved over millions of years, thousands of years, millions of years, and the very large quantity, they are not the image of the alien science fiction. They watched humans, but their appearance and landing need to wait for the whole of humanity and allow welcome.

Humanity is now like a train was late, so the world could continue indefinitely, just after the last of Atlantis civilization, mankind on the planet now still repeat that kind of civilization. We need to be ready to die of old age naturally, trying to earn it. Not have to commit suicide to escape the idea, because it can not do so after the liberation, it will be more painful 10 times, 100 times more than both. Courage to face life's challenges now!

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