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Saturday on May 23rd, 2020Other

Welfare article is beneficial articles on a particular group; if it is beneficial to all articles, it is the higher efficiency of public articles. The most obvious, is the truth to discuss the matter, the truth of life, will help improve people's wisdom. As the "dialogue with God" (also translated as "Conversations with God") this book, there are a large number of ordinary people can not directly experience the deeper truth to the topic is extremely rich. As the book said, they discuss theology, theology is higher than philosophy. The philosophy is higher than science, because all branches of science is philosophy. But Enlightened monarch lay a practice of benevolence, saying "dialogue with God" in God, it is the guiding spirit of Neil. Therefore, not mentioned in the book of God Almighty. "Dialogue with God," also has about 10?f the content is not so correct, for example, which is to justify Hitler, which the Lord has answered that Hitler went to heaven, this part is clearly incorrect. Because the emperor would go to hell, how could Hitler heaven? In another philosophy of Information "law" clearly answer that Hitler was basically all negative personality has disintegrated. Now many young people to pursue the so-called domineering, it is not a healthy state of mind, because the so-called domineering is a kind of negative energy. The results lead to extreme arrogance, is the variety of social tragic events, produce a variety of disputes, conflicts.

It is Wuzhuowushi, confused upside down, a lot of poor people. Only by doing a good man, in order to open the wisdom. Wisdom and goodness itself is equal, how much goodness, there is much wisdom. In contrast, the number of poor, the number of domineering, there is much ignorance. If you always was a good man, so keep this nature, is not affected by the temptation of dark energy or society, it would be a great asset in life, you start in life is high, you will be more than those who seek domineering fewer people a lot of trouble. The pursuit of a more or less domineering person, life will encounter more unnecessary troubles, contradictions, which in fact is their own bad choices created. If you want to take off the life, you must give up all the dice. Because everyone, not only nothing, and what is. Why deliberately prove their noble? Everyone was originally noble, totally do not need to prove himself.

For a noble person, he will not be in contact with the law of the jungle and others. When the law of the jungle is pushing large numbers of people to a high degree of truth, then the level of intelligence of this group, could drop significantly, as today's society. To the law of the jungle-based society, people will no wisdom flies more humble, and they put wisdom as the highest law of the jungle, and they can not tolerate other people do not believe in the law of the jungle, I do not allow others have wisdom. Just as the principle of "dialogue with God" is, because of jealousy. Poor people, jealous of good people live better than they are, good people jealous they did not struggle, so they want good people, crucified.

"Dialogue with God" Most of the theory, there are quite deep insights. But there is an incorrect place, which said there was no karma in the world. This is the Buddhist empirical, is the opposite. Buddhism has a large number of cases, by day eye function, and see the karma did prove accurate. Today's society, good things happen to good, poor people live more prosperous, because society is universal cover of darkness, people also want to benefit from the darkness. So, you can identify himself totally good person? Ignore the dark, or even cover up, still worse, to encourage others not to do honest people, but also made all hell industry, we can say that he is the greater good of the people? I want to know the truth of life, so much to see Buddhist salvation of information or records to know, and now the reality of at least 80?f places to go after death are the three lower realms (ie beasts, hungry ghosts, hell ). Some people still reborn man; a small portion went to the Asura Road, a very small part went to Heaven, relatively few people went to the Western Paradise. People who commit suicide, all to hell, do not escape. People in the life, no matter how much money owned, after the death of a point are not take. The future had made bad karma, owed a debt to the afterlife must also, which is "worth with not, only industry player." Of course, there are indeed a few people is the greater good of the people, no one rewarded, or living in poverty, it is because some people are Chengyuanzailai of being implicated karmic influence around the world where before they are born, than the Earth many high civilization, it is difficult to integrate into the lower level of the Earth life, "otherworldly." Like a person who vow to go to the poor in Africa to help them, will also be involved in the effects of karma around.

"Dialogue with God" in theory there is now a majority of people do not understand: life without any task, nothing is to be done. Because now mankind wrong choice, so now the original behind civilization in such a way that most people have to keep working to earn money. After countless years in the future, when mankind has entered a high civilization, you will find that now most of the work is unnecessary because most of the people now work purely to make money. In higher civilization, it does not require the existence of such money. Higher civilization had not need to wait many years, and now the time has come.

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