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Try not to put the driver's license and driving book in the car

Wednesday on March 4th, 2020Other

When it comes to driving, I have to bring my driving license and driver's license. I'm afraid it's hard for you to get on the road without them! Before I forgot to bring my driver's license, I would even be fined and deducted points. But now it's much more convenient. As long as I check it online, I can get the driving information of the car owner. However, most of the car owners will still put the two licenses in the car, but do you think there will be any consequences if the two licenses are put in the car? After reading the following article, pack it in your pocket!

Traffic police remind that although it is convenient to put the driver's book and driving license on the car, in case of meeting some lawbreakers or car thieves! This problem is also true. Of course, ordinary thieves will not steal the whole car, but they will take away the valuable things on the car. It is not uncommon to smash the car and the car door. Now, thieves are much braver than before. They wish they could do it in the daytime. Driving licenses and drivers can be sold on the black market. The market price is about several hundred yuan, but no matter how small the flies are, they are also meat. Thieves will not go empty.

Our police uncle seized the driver's license and driving book of the stolen car owner on the spot after catching the thief. Therefore, for their own safety and information protection, please take away the valuables and don't leave them in the car. The loss of money is not the most important thing, but the time is delayed. The process of reissuing the license is very painful.

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