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An adventure hero: Sui Hao Ping investigate the Bermuda Triangle

Tuesday on February 11th, 2020Other

Mr. Sui Hao Ping in Taiwan, his information is available to the Baidu search Wikipedia. He has been to more than 150 countries, I have seen him in person before the pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island and visit the video. Last night he accidentally saw a video in the "Bermuda Triangle" of scuba diving expedition, such as video address here: http: //

Why this blog title called him a hero? Because Bermuda (Bermuda) Triangle is one of the world's top 10 mysteries, to understand the Bermuda Triangle, you can "Bermuda Triangle" in Google or Baidu search keywords. Historically, many through the Bermuda Triangle aircraft, ships, will be here mysteriously disappeared. This video, in 1996, he personally scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle of the study, is risking their lives. Although there is no reason to examine the aircraft, ship accidents, but to bring important information, so that we have a little more understanding of the Bermuda Triangle. His current visit, the Bermuda Triangle does have a lot of strange phenomena, such as: magnetic weird, Luo Panjing stop or tamper with; there is a swing around the sound waves, sound waves very stable; this place is almost no fish; he was waist there is a thorn into something, then shoot X films, there is a line; he was very clear about the concept of time, feel about diving in seabed 15 minutes, but the shore of the table have shown it took 50 minutes, 35 minutes less out of thin air.

In another section of Taiwan's variety show, about the Bermuda Triangle scuba diving loss of the 35 minutes, he said the people on shore, said Mr. Sui Hao Ping has been stopped for a long time did not move, but Sui Hao Ping says he has been swimming. This phenomenon may explain in this place, because of the special "magnetic field", resulting in time and frequency shore seabed is not the same.

In addition, Mr. Sui Hao Ping personally visited the pyramids of Egypt (one of the seven wonders of the world), as well as Easter Island a few hundred seats (more than a thousand?) Stone statues, published in 1984, the Confederation of Information "law" has been have answers, they are extraterrestrial life (aliens) to build. According to answer contents, the pyramids of Egypt is a member of the Confederation of justice built the pyramids features are documented in this book; of the hundreds of stone statues of Easter Island, but also the construction of extraterrestrial life, but negative Orion extraterrestrial life built, they scan to locals fear the trunk, so the construction of the giant stone texture looks like a tree trunk, used to build these stone statues inspired by the human mind negative awe. Do you find these boulders like texture is indeed somewhat like the trunk of it? Can Google or Baidu, search for images, keyword "Easter Island."

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