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Major General Shigeru dry Mother and Chenin

Thursday on May 28th, 2020Other

Tanizaki's "Major General Shigeru dry the mother," write the story of the era of Japanese peace dainagon country by the beautiful young wife of the original's left minister when the level of the wins, his son Zi dry remembering his mother, forty years later only have to meet. In addition to novels cited in Story and Song, also mentioned Bai's poems are by the chant of the country, it should come from, "Yuan Bai poetic writing" this book. The third chapter in the "I advised wine" and "Drunken Song" appears on the night his wife was seized banquet; Chapter IX of the "loss of the crane," "Night Rain" "Chuseok", "sighed two" and "East Los Angeles flower testimony" is missing the country by his wife, feeling that they have been abandoned and Yin. White plain language of poetry, easy to understand you can see from these poems, while the country was in the mood can be felt from these poems, as the wife of her ex-husband to another woman become a cherished how this frail older feelings, we do not know.

Crane loss

Loss for the Pretrial snow, flying because of offshore wind.

Miracle deserve couple, three nights of no return cage.

Sound off Pik outside, Shen moon in shadow.

Jun Zhai Since then, anyone with Pulsatilla.

Night Rain

I have read people, in every village far.

I have a sense of things, deep knot in the intestine.

Township not far away, do not look to non-Japanese.

Intestinal solution may not be deep, no evening not consider.

This situation Candeng night, the only places in the empty hall.

No special autumn dawn, the storm being gray.

Not learn Toutuo law, former peace of mind may forget.

"Crane loss" and "rain" is the best embodies dainagon situation and the mood of the two poems, by the country than forsake his wife as a crane, she had to fly into the highest heaven has a new partner, leaving himself this Pulsatilla Neilingding a person back in despair thinking of acoustic shadow of the past. Become the wife of former minister left his wife, and national identity through with gaps, even how to miss, incompetent elderly never see a loved one, only to forget to relieve her pain, but drinking does not work, learn Dharma patikulamanasikara does not work, with deep thoughts eventually died.

Mrs. attitude is not clear. She would marry less than two years old septuagenarian dainagon, and my heart is reluctant, it has been pathetic lament his personal life, so just having an affair with the son of romantic flat in; but by affection for the country, she also grateful. At the banquet, Mrs. curtain hiding flat Lianhou very appreciate, that he most British Gas, and therefore did not how to resist when she was abducted level, but by his own will to follow the. When the country level to discuss life was more precious than the gift, by the country gave their wives, in this regard is vanity, the other is by the country feel sorry for his wife, she deserves to be better people have, presumably his wife can not appreciate this. When compared with the level of shameless, flat seems a little more generosity, concern to dainagon nice guy, he offered estranged relationship with his wife, but it is also flat at the time of persuasion, flat confided in his wife's case, Ping had the idea with his wife when others make. Became a lady in the hospital's original, it is reasonable should be contented, but to see an old lover level written on the arm of his son Zi dry Shique tears and songs, but also answer to "all revel no not given freedom, dreams lost know". It was only on the level of Mrs. tired, I think Mrs. level in kaolinite are the flower, there is no hope back into the game, instead pursue other woman who can not have depression and eventually died. Dainagon death a year, when Ping also died, then his wife is nothing but just twenties, after which there is no lover of life, but also the unknown.

The center of the novel, I think the lady is speaking with three men emotional entanglements, especially by the country's affection for his wife, as nourishing dry thoughts of the mother, but rather secondary. Tanizaki strokes similar to Story to write, under citing more like a textual history rather than fiction, slightly loose structure. The main motive of the novel, is an old man and a young woman infatuated faint of mind.

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