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The relationship between time, money, mature

Thursday on May 28th, 2020Other

At a New Year, and finally he addressed the issue of time, the truth of life. Many American and European countries, are taking money to see lighter, and more attention to a person's contribution to the world. In all areas of practice, the world of higher civilization, but also to overvalue money and lighter.

Many European countries can put their money to see a lighter, because there is enough money, good benefits, social system. These two are our Chinese missing. Higher civilized world, be able to see very short of money, because there are a lot of money beyond the high-tech, high-tech it is that we humans lack.

Money is a system of man-made creation. Under this system, we can not underestimate the role of money, money can not be overestimated easy.

A person know how to try to earn money is a sign of maturity, except for students. Students know how to work hard, struggle academically, is a sign of maturity, because this is one of the most crucial stages of life set sail, and never can escape from school, no other choice. When a person knows the struggle academically, then it will create a brilliant academic life in glory at this stage.

This year 2019 is also the 12th anniversary of China's housing prices skyrocketing. In early 2007, prices of first-tier cities of Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, etc., are in million succeed. In early 2007 due to rising pork prices, housing prices sparked fierce Zhang, from 10,000 yuan/square meters, rose to 15,000 yuan/square meters. In these prices, leading to China's economic health? Very unhealthy. Mr. Lang has many in-depth analysis and speeches, he used four words sum it up: the creeps.

While the impact of house prices on everyone, not as affecting the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen so much, but also a great increase in recent 5--8 years time, three, four-city house prices also soared, from 10 years ago 2000-3000 yuan/square meters, now risen to 8,000 yuan -1 ten thousand yuan/square meters. This is because the real estate group in these years, to focus on the third and fourth tier cities.

Although house prices so high, we still have to struggle. This unhealthy economic environment, there is no room, nothing to do face.

There is no car, nothing to face. For comparisons because things do not do it, to see if really needed. Now the number of vehicles has been disaster, vehicles parked everywhere, find a parking space is a difficult thing.

A few days ago to see v2ex of a post, the theme is how to make extra money in his spare time, a reply to friends, said he did a APP 45 years ago, it has been a safeguard, but he passed the APP, income now 400-500 yuan per day, per month spent only half an hour processing receivables. Inspirational enough, right? I do not know the series, but the atmosphere of the discussion point of view, there is not much need for compilation. This example whether true or false, can be used as inspirational role models.

Money, is eternal, inescapable theme. But I do not encourage students to work-study program, because it will delay some studies.

2019-01-01 13:17 UPDATE:

I wrote half, forget the talk time. Now people always have a subconscious overall that the new era now, the technology must be developed more and more, or very close to the well-developed; that the higher version of the software, must be better used.

The reality is, a lot is not the case, these circumstances and time, age, history is not directly related, but a greater chance proposition holds some of it.

For example, now human technology really developed it? In fact, and age has nothing to do, even to the 60 years after 2079, if there is not much change the overall consciousness, then the advancement of technology is still very limited. There is also a big factor, human technology, a lot of technology for the economic interests of the service, which greatly hindered the development of technology, so the future of technology has the potential not only no progress, there may be backwards. (For example, see a doctor and now more and more expensive; easy access to the site more and more difficult, is back technology.)

One area has made an important breakthrough, but changes to other areas, is still very small.

Only when a field has made a major breakthrough, all the other areas also followed a major leap forward, this time in order to achieve technologically advanced degree. This point in time is random, maybe 50 years, maybe 10 years later, it could be hundreds of years, thousands of years later, but not now.

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