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With talk again: the reality and the ideal

Friday on March 13th, 2020Other

The blog for a few months last year had reduced the update, dormant. In recent months because space is transferred abroad, easy to manage, so it rekindled this blog. In this blog has been dormant time, my other blog has been updated, I have not stopped updating blog. current character is about 530,000 words, current character is about 106,000 words. When this blog again continuously updated, very grateful to subscribe to RSS, to see the latest updates of each log my friends; I'm sorry too, some enthusiastic new friend message did not pass the audit, audit rules, see here. Because there are a small number of unrelated text message and theme, and the theme too far away from the body, because some new friends do not understand what I mean. Instead of spending time constantly explain, it is better not to review possible new interpretation will no longer be distorted, so this is the blog, the blog is to express an idea.

Ideal, the truth has always been one of the most important themes. Speaking from the first or the reality, because it's easier for most people to understand, many people in society too realistic, can really stand in someone else's point of view to understand not many people. I was recently looking at the families' summer home three gold ", this story background TV looks very luxurious, but also to the real estate industry as the background. Mr. Lang said on television, and now China is not the best preserved gold, but real estate.

How big profits in real estate? I have calculated that, two years ago I saw close to where I live, Futian District, a not very important, but on the road the road, built a 33-story building, possibly the kind of dual-use office or residence, there have announced a total investment of 48 million. If you press Rate 15,000/m2, a suite 1,500,000, each layer 6, then, total revenue 150 6 33 = 29700 million and 249 million gross profit. If in accordance with the 48 million total cost, the cost of housing prices in Shenzhen is 2400 yuan/square meter.

In other words, a 33-story building, according to prices 15,000/square meter, this building's gross profit was 249 million yuan; if in accordance with 20,000 to more than 30,000/square meter price, gross profit more. This is where the interests of 249 million yuan owners may be real estate developers, developers of employees, banks, related fees, taxes, site workers, as well as marketers, advertisers. Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai's housing prices may not much difference, a few days ago to see an article, said he was in Beijing in 2002 to buy a house is 7800 yuan/square meter (my note: At that time, Shenzhen is the price level), he recently 34,000/square meter sold, this house is 166 square meters, we count, this house price is 5.644 million yuan. For people who work, or start their own businesses, knows 5.64 million is what the concept. Yes, this is very ironic reality, most people can not achieve this goal. House prices climbed to such a high extent, is caused by society, because no one telling the truth, a lot of people in support of their own interests. Developers, sellers, they want housing prices, so they can have more money, a lot of vested interests do not want to reveal because they also need to benefit from, and this is the reason humans do not tell the truth, causing prices continue to rise , currencies being devalued. When inflation, currency devaluation, people will think it is a matter of course the current price, that's what people do not really care, do not fight against inflation, but only care about their income. The eggs from historical 10 2.3 yuan/kg 4.4 yuan now risen to 4.9 yuan/kg, 10 years from Garlic $ 1 2 pounds now risen 5- to 8-membered/kg, from 10 years ago, ginger 1 yuan/jin now risen to eight yuan/kg, green beans from a few years ago twenty-three yuan/jin now risen to eight yuan/kg. Evident that more inflation because the currency is not too much, but because human beings continue to actively or passively price gouging, the floods continue to rise. Commodity prices, other commodities will follow up. Many years later, if prices rise 1 times, then jumped 1 times, which is now 4 times, people will take for granted, fewer people will go to the social question. Because now the price level across the country, is already 2 to 4 times 1998 time.

Speaking from 2012 or something, real people have a lot of people think that what will happen is impossible, some people think that is nonsense. 2012 things before "2012" movie, there are already a lot of information can refer to. In reality there are indeed many nonsense things, there are a lot of lies, but 2012 is not. Unpredictable future, what will happen in 2012, depending on the choice of the majority of people on earth, mankind indeed determine the future of the planet.

"2012" movie, we need to ship one billion euros. The truth, the truth is that if everyone has love, understand the heart of others, when humans evolved to the fourth dimension, the quality of life of ordinary people are really living now will be higher than the level of 1 billion euros of property, or even much higher . Most people can not imagine a world does not need money, high civilization, because at that time the human basic travel technology, access to food the way, is very easy, there is no distinction between rich and poor. That's the ideal, why one person alone can not achieve? Because the sense of community decisions of individual consciousness, individual consciousness is very small, we can not go beyond a sense of community.

Real business, is to rely on a lot of "hidden rules", the ideal is contrary to many. As the real estate industry, because of the huge investment, there is a corresponding huge profits, increasing wealth gap, increasing social conflicts. In an ideal society, no money, there is a higher technology can create the material, so people do not need to work for money, not because of money but not dignity, because there is no money; in reality, on TV You can see a lot because of the wealth gap and bring a lot of unpleasant, unfortunately.

People who work for what? We will find after a few years of work in society, just to earn some of the money to maintain life. The reality of so many people want to get rich, but we can all agree that "success can not be copied," this sentence. Successful people and you pay the same amount of effort, but the result will be completely different. why? Because of money, resources are limited, not what is your product users will buy minority's success is built on the peel cut apart, others on the basis of slavery; because the current monetary system is problematic, business systems now many of them are contrary to the ideal, are poles apart, and now the monetary systems, commercial systems over the loss of people, remember what is ideal. What is ideal, as previously, http: //, real ideal is able to solve a lot of contradictions, to solve the people from slavery, to solve the problem of food and clothing for all, only It is ideal. Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing said the secret to business success is low prices, the whole business is supposed to work. So many kind people who reported low, is pressed against the bottom; "smart" people, then to the top. When mankind as a whole into an ideal society, these conflicts between rich and poor will be solved, because there is no distinction between rich and poor, do not need to work for money, no bondage, domination of others, but not like this because of the money generated by the current many tragedies, living contradiction.

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