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Recalling the afternoon season!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

When "Kenneth season" word appeared, and she should be very few people are going to busy together. Our wheat harvest, summer planting season this time is called afternoon. Why "lunch" is the word, my understanding is that the period just before and after the Dragon Boat Festival and, so use this "afternoon" the word. When writing this text, but also to understand the degree of your mother down through, there are indeed "Kenneth season" that is to say a summer. Lunch should be the lunar month, this way, also, and "Dragon Boat Festival" Speaking of a go. But we have this place, "Kenneth season" is specific and summer planting wheat harvest this time.

In our local, summer planting wheat harvest will also be referred to as "the wheat season," both and "season" is the word together. That three-month season, and I want conceivable, that time of wheat harvest summer planting long time span. In my childhood memory, you can start from the wheat harvest, to the end of the summer planting, lunch quarter should also have a month. So called "season" is not surprising!

When we were young to go to school, going to be able to receive each of wheat, the school will put "Jimmy false." "Jimmy false" shortest time is one week and sometimes more than two weeks. Of course, when we are all children, let us not put wheat back home act as false labor, mainly to take into account the teacher. I work from the beginning of 2000, the school also wheat false, as if the "false wheat" in 2004 was only when cancel. "Jimmy false" that the word will become history!

After all, we were kids, after all not act put wheat into false labor. That is up to help adults to play along, doing the most is with two bundles of wheat made Maisheng, to adults with bundles of wheat. And that is basically a full-time hands-on, a bunch of a bunch of cut with a sickle, then bunched tie. Color fast day late, then tie a flatbed truck to a bundle of wheat onto the wheat field. When the sun wheat to a certain extent, you can play the game here. When I was young should also be more advanced, it's all tractor dragging a stone roller to play games. Break out again winnowing wheat, wheat last to receive the finished product.

In the "playing field" piece, they are particular to cooperation. Because of limited space, basically a few share a site, when playing through the wheat need to "turn the field" when several are together on everybody, because if a person alone, doing too slow, will occupy field too long. Our family "playing field" is also the busiest time, the father of several brothers share a site. This time the adults, the children all came together. When wheat beat down, but also the children of the most crazy time, roll on top, "the wheat battle." After receipt of the wheat family, had to find some sun on the concrete floor of the sun, so that the latter will not mildew. This time the children will have a task to see the wheat. Do not let the sheep and chickens looked ah what to eat wheat.

Our team of natural land is not too much, less than 5 per subdivision, even so, the end of the summer planting should receive about a week's time from the wheat. Some villages are seventy-eight acres of land per capita, from start to finish to be more than a month, you may want to pay then physical.

With the development of the times, "Kenneth season" time is getting shorter, now received from the sale of wheat, to the summer planting, which is three to five days is over!

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