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talk about the state of mind to play the game

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

Play is one of the essential attributes of humanity.

The game's existence, but has two sides,

Game so that the community appear more unfortunate that,

The game also let the community there have been some joy.

Play games, the most important state of mind,

You always have to remember one sentence:

You are playing the game, rather than playing the game you!

Appropriate games can bring happiness,

But not obsessed, things in life will always be first.

The game is a way of relaxing,

To play the game, you will never end.

Course of the game is a pleasure,

Appropriate games, fun everywhere, addicted to the game, the scourge of life.

Virtual consumption and capabilities

Money invested in the game should be appropriate and does not encourage to spend most of the money in the game

Comparisons heart, vanity at play, and the reality that produce the same effects in the game.

Zhang finally persuaded sentence: love the game, love life! !

======================== turn someone else's article, to encourage each other =================== ===========

Yesterday someone to help frequency Q: In fact, this way you spend money to play this game worth breaking ah

I will not speak behind the dialogue, I just think there are questions like this should be more than people who ask questions of my dear friend

In fact, no such thing worth or not worth it. They are simply spend money on a bunch of data.

The purpose of this is for the child to do what? To be happy. When you are to Pimi, the world turned a little bit of time if there will be a sense of accomplishment it?

Even if it is just a game, spend money just to meet this mentality.

Sometimes I would spend money, sometimes I would not spend money.

Point talent, from 32 to 41 100 to use my money. But I saw his full bow red, midnight pull two also with 400 blue, I laughed

The thrill is like this figure.

Went on to say, my dear friend who said: But you like this money no return ah

Return? What return? Do not get a sense of achievement and happiness is the best reward you?

Some people spent the money also worried, since feel worried, spent the money also smaller than others, that you continue to spend, or do comparisons.

The community as such, you may not have to pay a return, but you will not necessarily pay no return.

The game can be considered a local rivers and lakes refraction society, a lot of things a lot of people are reflected in the attitudes of today's society.

What are the envy of jealous hate.

But in the end please remember, this is just a game props charges. You have consumer freedom

You can choose to consume or determined not to spend a penny. But will you get different

The most critical is that attitude is very important for their own position.

Even if you play another cow B. But after all, you want to come back to reality, life may be a lot of people despise you

Even if you play bad again, in reality, there may be as many people respect you.

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