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Recommended Fault milestone one game

Tuesday on June 9th, 2020Other

Around noon today to write first experience, I did not expect it to pass the night off. This article relates spoilers, please read discretion 2333 Speaking this end of the two rounds of tear gas in a row, it is really a little stand 2333

The total for this game is really great book, but relatively, bundle on Steam price up to 131RMB, but if you go HB on the recent purchase of charity bag, then there was the time of writing charitable end of the week package from the SEKAI Project, Therefore, to $ 12 change 17 SEKAI Project game, quite worthy of the right 2333 and including Nekopara and Fault, a full range of oh, the former 0,1,2, which has 1, 2, would not Miya? But HB does not seem to give me advertising ah 2333 when is a good charity after 2333HB not support Paypal, so I use PayPal international version, bundled with a debit card can be deducted directly from the corresponding RMB debit card the , chop the hand is more convenient 2333 and you can also adjust the amount allocated to SEKAI Project how much, how many used to do charity, to support and how much HB operations, great, is not it 2333

Closer to home below. In terms of who set the style I am very fond of my previous experience in the early years have said, is to promote the style I bought it the first power, followed by excellent evaluation community of users. Who set here will not say, in the following story will be reflected. I would say probably still my own story and feel it.

First, this is a great story. There are so feeling a little sense into the unexpected. Based puzzle game from the outset gave players a circle a circle, but only one choice throughout the branch, is to ask you to do a thorough investigation Lu Yan things. I do not know whether the election will happen, I do not want to try, because I do not want just a curiosity will lead BadEnd options and make such "destructive test", but in other words, if I chose, that's not how, in fact, this game to me moved still retained in my heart, but I just do not want to. I'd rather hear from someone else, do not want to personally try, I think this is somewhat cruel. As a bunch of no possible rational judgments, this is the feeling of it. Perhaps this is the game you want to make me feel, perhaps not by choice, but in any case, this is a good game 2333

Introduced in the beginning of the game on a parallel world of the continent, the two countries fight, which is a peaceful country, our heroine will come from this, the other is a very strong country, a country where there is a person can capture the presence of the two countries, the name of which is likely to forget the 2333 three-body inside it said, the strength of the party said: "destroy you, and you ware." in short maybe countries that fight, King happened not , Purcell was cornered princess and her bodyguard Lite Na Feeney used Liqun Dafa, was originally to be transferred to the sanctuary of the kingdom, but do not know why it is transferred to a clump of trees, then with another a child - similar to the presence of artificial intelligence - the fate entangled together. The reasons for the failure of the transfer, I think in the second part there will be clear (optimistic, and this is a Flag). And the next, pen and ink on the whole of Chapter 8 handed over the child.

Initially they came to unfamiliar places, the use of wind language (that is, no matter what the language can understand the magic) conversation with the locals, went to a pawn shop, Lite Na when decorative silver on her dress royal guards In other knife got some money. Then a pawn shop in the same Lu Yan noticed them, and take the initiative to go up and talk to them, help them to buy things, the guidelines do in the city. The next thing the more strange, Stone store clerk and a manager Lu Yan to see look great changes, in the pub accident also caused two of the doubt, but this layer from the broken windows of paper, is the first two days at noon and see one of Luther. Luther is a local magic supply company's CEO, claimed to be the owner of Lu Yan, Lu Yan and say the name is SARA. Such actions seek death aroused the curiosity of the two, which is to select the branch appears: Do you want to go to interference ask about it. I chose to be. While positive, it is from the beginning.

Lu Yan and the two met that night. We would like to meet all the earthly, were always begin with happiness.

Then things do, I looked at the cut map, the 2333 really is too long too long ~ 2333 and I do not want spoilers so completely 2333 So the old rules, you do not want to buy legal copies of its own 2333 play it, then three there may be cracked version 2333 on Aunt

Here briefly put some shots, recall the story, then I have to say I thought it never played the 2333 Ladies and gentlemen, I strongly recommend to play it and then go to the back of the feelings, but if you want to read the thoughts go play, and I like to play through the same drama look at the words, Welcome2333

Two newcomers to the concerns of the body will be discomfort, princess so ordered guards. Good warm ah 2333

Lu Yan and the two tried to steal the Stone to be discovered, was Lu Dele so do not need to have the emotional words.

I attached two scared scene.

For human values, perhaps I do not like talking about books on philosophy as that person's value lies in the contribution to society. On the contrary, I think the people in this existence itself is his value. Personality, experience, mind, something unique among these people, I think it is one of the greatest value.

Here revealed the presence of a person is not feeling physiologically, try to get a free carried out. Final Lu Yan (Mami) to the magic of shock and took his own life.

When it comes to philosophy, the game says there is talk about the difference between non-human and human, educated people will first think of epistemology. As a philosophical examination to test people 2333 I had this need to install a 13. Differences exist outside the human and humanity, from the epistemological point of view is the ability to properly reflect the objective reality in consciousness, including but not limited to connections between things, contradictions.

Before then the last wave of killing and dying memories, will eventually push the end of the story/high tide, no matter how you call it.

So far, Lu Yan's life experience is no longer important. Luther important has been able to receive her.

Finally, no smoke without fire, the advent of large Boss princess suddenly awakening. There is no sign style mutation, then ushered staff curtain call.

How should I say, the show in detail the slot points, stems are very large, but here I just want to say some of the most profound, the most thrilling thing. Game mentioned in the philosophical, ethical as well as feelings. I think these three things on a piece, that a lifetime would not be enough, and these things can only be felt but not explained, or even impossible to define with dead except for the provisions it (philosophy, theoretical philosophy, systematic outlook 2333). They are very flexible, and make all these judgments are all human, so these are varies, in fact philosophy is, to build a different world view different philosophy.

So in the face of such a heresy, the predecessor of the son of the devil, the incarnation father Yongming made magic machine after reincarnation. Luther how to do it out of choice? Like most people, Luther finds that he is a machine, there is no emotion. But in fact the night before the final decision on the dissolution of Lu Yan, two short conversation to open each other's mind. Art comes from life, but above the living. AI now normalizing so much noise, I have in this area is full of interest. But one day, if we really made out of strong artificial intelligence of human pollution-free, she has self-awareness, how do we confront her? Perhaps the gene have our own point of view, this is very similar to a human and not an object, we might instinctively repelled, will fear, for there will be prejudice. But if it overcomes that hurdle, maybe we can, like many works of art as a man and intelligent harmony. As Datong society, perhaps there are some really looking forward to it.

Passed on a few speak for the people, the feelings in the end what is, from which it produces, how to effect, these are the mystery. Nevertheless, we were still a feeling that we can be proud of. Because feelings, perhaps double-edged sword. Achievements of mankind, and perhaps someday to end people, uh, at least I think it will not be the end of mankind, whenever there will be so few feel sane person, but it will not be no sane person not killed I have to say the 2333 longing reason, I now pursue sensual, finally seeking to balance rational and emotional. The balance of the word have been used up, I use them, there are some nausea, but that is the truth, he is the need for such a Balance. Whether school science literature, both can not lose, at least I think so. So I learned science, I feel fine and I am happy to bring this game I can feel.

Finally I wish we could have moved in after the game, although it sounds brusque 2333 but no matter, so be it 2333

Thanks for reading, like then, the point which I would not say it?

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