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Recommended Games OPUS The Day We Found Earth

Tuesday on June 9th, 2020Other

OPUS finish the second story. The current game version 1.5.9, feeling for the first time to play in comparison, this version has improved a lot in the UI, the free mode after customs clearance also increased to Elm dress entertainment features, the most important thing is finally free to switch the story mode and normal mode. This is really good, like the original first play, suggesting that the model can not be changed once selected, initially, it took some time to deliberate to choose which mode, and then choose the story mode, because he said the card would not shut.

I seem to remember the last 101 minutes with a 100?ompletion, this seems a bit Johnson. But I think the flow of the game is, as always, stick, will not completely played once before caused no fun playing. This game is the biggest highlight of BGM, BGM lot of time thanks to render the atmosphere, such as looking at the logbook 1260th fourteen days, when it comes to astronaut Lisa Adams due to physical condition can not video, as well as behind when power is needed chance to recover only four hundred years, BGM uproar click on it, especially shocking, this time the atmosphere is also very much in place.

The entire game is set in the context of human discovery after many years he can not save himself, needs to ancient magic - Earth's DNA-- to fix themselves, so that sincere and Lisa embarked on a search for the legendary Earth journey, and the game does not always give us a clear answer, and Lisa did not say so in good faith and for some reason had to abandon the mission, but from start to finish the game constantly gives a lot of hint, people can infer this result, but not limited to such a conclusion.

The rest of them, and probably feel the same as playing for the first time, or at the end where the most moving, the end of the blackout animation effects also do special bar, we can learn a. All in all, a good game, really recommend everyone to play, there is the play Steam and google, do not recommend you play pirated, after all, people just a small studio, and is not expensive to support what thing.

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