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You have always encouraged

Friday on May 29th, 2020Other

I hope someone will always encouraged me! Or listen to some songs in Cantonese, nice, taste! After listening to this song, shut down, so everything is closed it ......

Always remember this song, sophomore year, our class came a transfer student, he sat near me, so we soon known, he good at games, play basketball very powerful, usually always humming this song, I think the melody sounds good, but then I let him teach me, he wrote the lyrics down, and then a sentence sing for me, really feel good to hear him sing, then we became best friends, playing together, back together hostel, we always sing this song, there is always encourage you, then, he went to regular classes, and later transferred out, and now only remember his appearance that year, and no early contact with each other, I do not know at the moment, he has did not think of this song, there is no hum, very dull story, let this song forever in my song of.

Li Guoxiang & Anthony Lun - chorus: Lizi Heng/Nicky words: Pan Yuan Lian

Parting night

Like all melted

Rain tapering in her shadow

In that moment of disappearance

Know the past relationship

Then rinse can not withstand this storm

Dreams and love is off

She will be replaced by rainy night in identity

As she held up an umbrella

Fend off the tears of my eyes

Twinkling of an eye everything has been taken away

Why did I could even meet with you this evening

Two hearts just wither

Who told me this evening could even turn you re-encounter

Fell in love with the low road

Laughing loudly really happened

Cry also find comfort

Like we do not already have painful relationship

Even if the warm waste

Equally beautiful friendship

Let the endless warmth return

Maybe life in the end

Everything exceeded estimates

But I always find your encouragement

Hate worry replaced with singing

Future Dreams

As all the world

Some things can not expect

But always look for

Because of you encourage

Do not pluck my heart to close

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