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Happy chasing run

Friday on May 29th, 2020Other

2013.5.10 "happy chasing run" Yu Qian Guo Degang windy north China special exhibition

The original video players using bitsontherun outside the chain (video address), upload videos directly iframe calls, although convenient, but it feels a bit slow, this time directly to jwplayer on the local, but jwplayer of js have 41kb, although compression too, can still getting bigger, the speed is still a little impact, I tried js files on a little bit, but to call the swf file, js change too much trouble, simply put the local bar, IE7 also solve the problem of the poor toss. Longtail recently discovered site Videomega and two free video sharing.


1. Download the JW Player, uploaded to the site, then loaded jwplayer.js in the head tag of the page.

script src=jwplayer.js/script

You can also use the site JW Player cloud player, speed is also good:

script src=http: //

2. Then at the time of publication of the article, you can directly copy the code below.

div id = myElementLoading the player .../div script type = text/javascript jwplayer (myElement) .setup ({file: /uploads/myVideo.mp4, // video address image: /uploads/myPoster.jpg, // video preview address, can not write width: '480', // width height: '360' // height});/script

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