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If you want to live a 1% life

Wednesday on August 5th, 2020Other

On Lu Songsong micro letter, see its release, the stratification of Chinese society, the official micro-channel is deleted. Then search for a moment on the network, I found the article very sharp division, collection, these articles may not be shared publicly, but found another one very deep good text. Share it: a queer, "Fifty dollars and then look good, not like a hundred Yuan liked -" contacts "? Oh, "Johnny, a short time maxed circle of friends, without any background trumpet to the imagination of trend occupied the major network platform. Less crowd reaction, followed by "people not to show off, but we're too low" "Do you think he is very Cock, in fact, is your circle of weak, low platform, opponents setback" "slut toss with bad things, not because you too slag "" you may not be a good person, you just have no chance of debauchery. " In order to express a little something to support the author, cardboard books I bought, really look very good! View of sharp, needle with blood!

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