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Shanghai Disney failure

Friday on June 12th, 2020Other

Think this year the Chinese New Year, to accompany his wife and children to go to Shanghai Disneyland to see them, readily search in Baidu Shanghai Disneyland, results are automatically pop up: Shanghai Disneyland fault.

I looked at a lot of news sites, microblogging above reports:

terror! Shanghai Disneyland failure, elderly and children were hanging in the air half an hour

2017-01-11 18:20 Source: Xinmin increased font size Decrease

Project "Access Pass" for compensation

Reporters learned that, until 20:18, the last group of tourists seats "safe landing", "no one was injured." According to Xiaowan introduced last batch of "landing" of emotions excited passengers, many from overseas visitors therefore delay the trip.

"Came not easy, park staff also actively cooperate, but also the use of artificial to put the rope let everyone down." Site staff told Xiaowan, they work rotation is not clear before the machine condition.

After the failure, each visitor to the park on a facility failure of the project "access pass" as compensation.

At press time, the Disney zoo yet given a response.

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