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Forest Park Activities

Friday on June 12th, 2020Other

Yesterday our family and TG family are going to the next, the Forest Park leisure activities, the activities after dinner and watch movies together.

1, starting in the morning, my wife went shopping Yonghui, I went to refuel, cancel buffet, long queues. Noisy what has become past tense.

2, Forest Park, I've been a few times, this time taking the garden path is not the same, I've never been to the place, then it is necessary to walk with mom and dad take a look. The children were playing with crystal shotgun, fun, adults and children together at noon those days (TG child can because those days were coming),

3, play poker, tractor, my first play, do not laugh, I am a novice poker face.

4, in the "spotter" dinner, eat better, because I have been a few times before, to be expected.

5, at night to see the movie "Wolf 2", full of positive energy, so that 6-year-old, 9-year-old children from an early age to look at this, I do not know if appropriate.

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