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A blessing in disguise blessing in disguise

Friday on June 12th, 2020Other

1, had intended to fight money yesterday, is not activated, expected tomorrow. No hurry slowly, should be enough time, experience is the kind of growth, some things I do not experience do not know what they were

2, domain transfer even forgot their own carelessness, delayed the filing schedule, I often want to buy some small partner of this domain, because 84 is a good number, they will not intend to sell, and please do not inquire the bid

3,400 number certification information has been provided is completed, the second time to wait for the opening of the audit, the original focal point of the audit is more relaxed, now a strict review of ruthless, now 7.18 after the domain name should be the real name, and I can only obey and so innocent

4, a good plan to look at the work at hand, straighten it

5, Sunday night, and XB family and their families gather together poly

6, LP thought of a better life, filling it, for their own families in order

7, filter it filters it, work and life needs this

8, DB student said he gave his boss' career ......, KK students also had a passionate heart, COME ON!

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