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New Age books and a message reading experience

Friday on March 13th, 2020Other

The rapid development of technology today, technology has been developed with the knowledge, love and moral development is lagging behind in. About 1.2 million years ago Atlantis civilization on Earth, because the technology is highly developed, avoid war and violence and the lack of love and wisdom, leading to the destruction of the planet. Westmeath offer mentioned in the message, more than 23 million years ago, when the Martian civilization is equivalent to the degree of civilization of the Earth in 2008, also because of the war Mars were destroyed, about 300 million people is to rescue another planet, another 57 million people were killed in that tangle of fear. Books new era of wisdom is to pass to avoid war and violence, raise human consciousness and promoting human evolution. Because the technology is developed, resulting in lack of love is destroyed. These new age books are not science fiction, but a real, just started reading time may be amazing. At the same time, these books and messages, but also empirical aliens exist.

"Law of One", is divided into five, is the most important book in a new era, which referred to a number of important concepts and a lot of important messages. Finish the book research team members include Jim McCarty, Don Dr. Elkins, and Carla, three Ra are called "Rangers." I was the first 18 games of intensive reading, followed by some of the messages and the principle is very deep, there are some I'm not interested in these paragraphs will jump in the past, have time to read it later.

The team from 1962 to 1981, this 19-year period, engaged in UFO research. Until 1981, suddenly there is a name for Ra's sixth density entities, the Confederation of Saturn from eighth density to Carla for the vessel, launched a dialogue with the people on earth. Ra mentioned in these dialogues, he is one of the Egyptian pyramid builders. "Law of One" was about 106 field dialogue, Dr. Don Elkins died in 1984. "Law of One" behind the dialogue continues until now, published in I recently read "Ami", easy to understand, is divided into "Child of the Stars," "Heart of the Universe," "civilization of love" three, the book is well worth reading. "Ami" This book is very thoughtful new era of representative presented how the Earth can really move towards prosperity and technological advances, how the Earth out of the current predicament facing humanity, how to leave this Earth thousands of years of human history Darkness . Its dominant ideology and "Law of One", "dialogue with God", "I thought the dialogue Record with aliens" are consistent with many of the same view. Some readers may think this is science fiction, but by my judgment, the hero Pietro contact with aliens is completely true, dialogue, and Star Trek, the story is completely true. There is little doubt that only 9 year old hero, may not know so many things in society, as well as some professional terms, the author is likely to facilitate the reader to accept a virtual child, through purity of heart, to see more real world. Another point is that Ami language translation is to use "through translation" of the machine, which may be true, it probably is the author in order to facilitate the reader's understanding of a virtual machine may actually be a more advanced way to use another. Of course, these two questions, also in the story may have been completely true. Two years ago I started reading "dialogue with God" (also translated as "Conversations with God"), easy to understand, is divided into five. This book revealed a lot of philosophy of life, and many paragraphs of text, read it again every experience is different. Song Shipeng old man wrote, "I thought with aliens dialogue Record", easy to understand, it describes 55 cases highly intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations. High-tech civilization of these planets, there are some things in common, that is, substances exceedingly abundant, inexhaustible, no private ownership, no desires, people are very conscious; they are vegetarian, do not eat meat, because meat will be karma, hinder the evolution of human civilization, the so-called karma, karma. In contrast, bitter people on earth, the earth people have forgotten what is real freedom, the earth is suffering due to the lack of substance of the Earth, leading to private ownership into almost every corner of the earth, and then compete for a variety of things happen . Life expectancy of the 55 planets common in the hundreds of years to 1,000 years old, these planets may be third density. Because Ra mentioned, the ideal life in the third dimension is about 900 years old. Because now the vibration frequency of the Earth, as well as food, environmental pollution, the Earth's life expectancy is about 100 years old. Wingmakers message personally feel that too esoteric, Wingmakers messages such as "Ancient Arrow program" using virtual names but the events are true, being not interested. I occasionally read those parts of the plain Wingmakers, such as James interview. Kryon messages, user-friendly, and very worth reading. Kryon offers many instant messaging, very grateful to Mr. Creon. "Interpretation of life on Earth Password", easy to understand, the Pleiades galaxy who delivered the message. "The boy saw the truth," easy to understand. Among the plot is true, why adult children can see invisible things, are explained in Buddhism. Clearance old Master "easy Dharma" blog, easy to understand, benefit, Thanksgiving clearance old Master.

Earth is in humanity's evolution to a fourth dimensional timing, Ra mentioned fourth population density of life is 90,000 years, then, interstellar travel would be an easy thing. Highly intelligent aliens in different languages ??can talk to people on earth, is true, there are many ways. For example, Ra's newsletter, Ra scans mind utensils and interlocutors, he was able to distinguish human language and familiar vocabulary, the so-called human language to learn in a short time. Of course, this is related to the degree of wisdom, Ra is the sixth density, we can do it. There are some communication is through telepathy, or by way of a dream. The so-called "psychic" is to adjust the vibration frequency, adjust the state of consciousness, life in contact with various vibration frequencies.

These messages can be as philosophical knowledge to study, correct or not remains to be your in-depth study. Reading these books a new era, you will deeply understand why thousands of light-years, millions of light years away, the aliens can come to Earth in a very short period of time, the use of superluminal or "place" way; why the earth now can not find alien life, in fact, has a large number of messages to spread the Earth, but some scientists have not recognized, they do not have in-depth study, and then think those messages can not be trusted; why the aliens now people can not formally meet with the Earth, in fact, the aliens often visit Earth, they are "invisible" way, or in a non-third the density of states, if they appeared on Earth, need permission Confederation, Federation of Planets also do not allow large-scale direct contacts with the people on earth, only allows (very high earth loving) contact with the individual people on earth, because they are not allowed to interfere Confederation more primitive planet of free choice, until the earth awakening, love increase (the so-called spiritual elevation), highly intelligent extraterrestrial life will help people on earth.

Universal's love is forever. From the start bit by bit, friendly, friendship, tolerance, kindness knows no bounds, passing the love to the people.

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