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Four-quadrant work and time management

Monday on July 13th, 2020Other

This work law rule commonplace four-quadrant, and a lot of sense know everything, is to use his body might not be. Given the variety of things more, it is necessary to learn a lot of consolidation, the fight for their own develop a good habit.

Rules: deal with important but not urgent work with 65?80?f the time.

One day busy down, many career people will find themselves like "fire brigade" as passively deal with urgent work every day.

Unimportant work takes up too much time people in the workplace, while some important but not urgent thing may have been shelved. According to the four-quadrant rule, a person's work can be divided into four types, one is also very important urgent work, the second is important, but not urgent work, the third is urgent but not important work, the fourth the work is not important nor urgent. Many of us tend to put 50?60?f the time on the treatment of urgent but not important job, and important but not urgent work but with little time.

Below is a comparison chart of ordinary people and a schedule of Highly Effective People. The timing of Highly Effective People is the 65?80?f the time schedule is important but not urgent work, because they put most of the work in advance of co-ordination and good planning, the rest of the work quadrant naturally reduced.

The second quadrant of the important but not urgent work includes the discovery and prevention of problems, continuous learning, building on the team, the real effective authority to determine their own personal mission, long-term career planning, personal mission and so on.

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