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Casually write 9

Wednesday on June 24th, 2020Other

This time really can not think of a good title to Jiaosha 2333 but in my temper must write a title for the job, so the title of this series is to this requirement exists. The content is a summary of midterm exam and magic circle v2 Ninth words Notes.

I do not know why these days is inexplicable want to write, not typing. Mid-term exam finished yesterday, today, all subjects came out, I had to marvel at the stunning classroom teachers scoring efficiency, and almost no false positives, much. However, the spirit of "not a moment to review the last nine branch naked test" principle test, Oh, great. Full overturned. Section 9 teachers were unanimous in criticizing me some papers before speaking. According to my knowledge this interim conclusion is that sooner or later have to write, but I personally think that this summary does not use any eggs. Write a few summary in my opinion does not cure my hand residual problems, I am still able to prevent the Golgi Golgi written this, I am also able to prevent the 80-200 counted as -160, but I no stopping the weeping widow woman weeping boat's written disheartened, and until I suddenly saw the answer reference. Another is the 2333 general see lazy choice, fill in the blank answer the last question of reconciliation, often stare guess the answer, even if the entire examination paper also finished a wealthy one hour, is lying asleep on the table, not to think about This question is. There are two reasons: First, the trouble; two, I do not write this question also could get first. So this time it overturned the 2333 so ah, the fans of self-confidence, but it is not European, or honest to write the title bar 2333

But these days midterm Look at the small round to see hooked. The main plot is too complicated and confusing, though sorta knew it all off is in line with the outcome to go, but the route is really very concerned about me. This is not the ninth, then Sayaka and apricots are all brought lunch, leaving the small circle of flame and Akemi. And soon after that witch next night. I guess small round eventually to become a magical girl, but there is a protagonist aura of magical girl, you may die, but at least does not become a witch, then no one can beat her. In the ninth, then Chubby has revealed some information out, not knowing it earlier this entity after the breakdown Akemi flame and soon got a new, this is how things get done, should not be with soul gems will be the same as it works, we say good 100 meters to limit it. The ninth, then the same also introduced the second law of thermodynamics - the law of entropy increase, which made my science students this exciting ah! But still do not understand this feeling of non-material things is how the energy into. The E = mc ^ 2, the energy must be at least transition to mass ah. If ever is to become energy conscious, it must rely on the Higgs field also inspired to give it a boson mass, if the Chubby have the ability, then ...... still have a lot of problems such as ah 2333 that soul gem is how to control the body, and why the range of only 100 meters ..................

The line, a good atmosphere to let a science students seek to destroy 2333 realistic fictional story in which people head must have problems, but 2333. . . In case, I mean, in case, if there really exists such a magical girl, and you happen to come across a Kewpie this world, you will choose what kind of a miracle to achieve and become a magical girl? If it were me, it would probably be as healthy as a wish that others can Sayaka, then should not embark on that road Sayaka it. But think small witch in the world of those novelty style, really terrible. . .

But then, even if I do not become a magical girl (because I am a man), I was in the ninth, then I found out what an incredible thing. The following is a caption subtitles from Madoka-Fans group

Dialogue: 0,0: 00: 59.83,0: 01: 03.00, kaoju3,, 0000,0000,0000 ,, {fad (0,300)} M84 grenade shock (Stun Grenade): vigorous reaction using magnesium ammonium generated the moment one million cd flash and 170 ~ 180db of sound waves N stun and shock the enemy of non-lethal weapons, good indoor counter-terrorism operations. Standard equipment for the US military active duty

Speaking this subtitle group is really a very, very powerful ah, to know the witch in the world of text, can calculate the relative time based on month, but also to give a comment in a variety of scenes, really great. Anyway, to see such a thing, I was quite curious. Study well then immediately bought pounds of ammonium chloride and magnesium powder (ammonium nitrate temporarily buy, but after all, can buy 2333) weekend, stuff it can make any new weapons by 2333 is sure to be a police Bonthe 2333 was subdued in the ground

Ah yes, one more thing, I do not want to say 2333 will not say. Tonight to finish here.

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