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The role of work-life language

Monday on July 13th, 2020Other

Communication, language is very important, this does not seem so confident before, but in terms of overall still good. Because this trip is Mr Z and Ms C. Brush away from home is needed.

Today, eating out and saw a bunch of Italian waiters do not understand English and, of course, is how to do with powerful mobile phone, using the Google Translate app, scan code direct shot, properly properly. Also a few days ago to do is think of the bus, the driver does not speak English, but also embarrassing, in fact, last year to do the bus so the driver does not speak English, we do not understand Italian. Former foreign life, basically walk from the hotel to the PF, and this new company, we have to seat more than one hour bus every day, half-way to turn the bus trip, dinner and also his foraging on the outside, whether it is more kind of feeling out the work.

Also today, children work record points:

Conversation skills, communication focus, courtesy is followed by another subsidiary of the visa thing, travel arrangements, etc. Matters are a lot of doorways.

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