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Artisan spirit

Monday on July 13th, 2020Other

Work carefully,

Pursuit of perfection,

Many essential qualities born craftsmen.

Recent and "ramen" multi-master communication,

A better understanding of some of the industry knowledge,

Communicate interactively,

Roughly schedule management,

Input and output, etc.

Other companies of the like of the situation.

They are reverse from the start line,

Many people are free to say out of the veneer,

And our company has always been more difficult to go before also relatively positive,

In fact it is not the case is no longer important.

The sludge is another master Shanxi Yuncheng lad, ah,

After a 90,

Jingdezhen graduation,


AU Masters today will not participate.

Management matters too busy,

Many things need to change to adapt.

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