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Monday on July 13th, 2020Other

An estimated half a year did not query this little blog of the flow,

This blog is not intentionally done anything keyword optimization,

Nor did publicity and a variety of drainage,

In the past six months is a few blog under the above message a return visit,

Last night the next query: Recently a lot of traffic from Baidu search "alias2018"

Alias ??is before I eat a software, with me for years.

This makes me a little surprised Oh, Baidu weights to very high, came in the first second.

Although I consider myself a better understanding of SEO,

But I found that I was too naive,

Baidu is more than I know myself,

He knows my profession, age, location of activities, surfing habits,

Today, search the Han, Han saw, the like.

I know the main sideline.

Last night on the night I updated the "About" page, in fact, not many people see.

What will be here not very useful, involving relatively privacy of content editing out,

Let this blog too slowly for some people around to facilitate access.

Other Links have also been overdue clean-up adjustment.

I would like to note that these blog or run some more self, more pure.

The number of "business website" and some links which simplifies the previous update,

The more content reflects: plots on this concept, write about life, talk about work, occasionally Tucao, recording my notes, on to the next life and ideals, and some bloggers exchange.

Also just to see "Wei eight" students on just updated oh.

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