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Do not run, it was eliminated

Thursday on July 9th, 2020Other

Really, recent life and usually with some changes, that is, Wang began to eat chicken, the articles mentioned above it. ...... began to eat, to talk about a middle-aged man of feeling it.

In college, I played two CS, really can not stand, dizziness, vomiting, did not play, what basically have not played Red Alert, one of those good student obediently. After working for several years, also covered basically no games, and even games like Landlords basically been off.

To date for the first 5 days, the training of recruits coming to an end, the beginning of a few, are mixed with the brothers, not to kill a person. Own single bucket a few, the results are pretty good, the second to kill 10 people, a good luck! Belong sSs. It was memorable a parachute has been hunted down, first trying to run around, looking for arms, back, life is so, no family, brothers, friends of protection, a person you can only run wild, we know that the most important task will survive ! Game that, although life is not so intense, but is the reason. The process will play the game of life perception of some, I do not know other friends would not think so, anyway, I think so, just as the name of the game: Jedi to survive, are forced out of the ability, but we must learn Gouqietousheng, in addition to well armed, we have to reserve well enough ammunition, bandages, Coke, medicine and so on, the game is not inevitable measure, and I see a lot of the time, a few people together to open the black when the team is also considering communication and collaboration, as well as some strategies . Each of the control in this game is about half an hour, with some of the several grades of Dan and medals, the most important thing is multi-dimensional evaluation of the game performance. The level of analysis, to a final score and ranking, the last game one: do not run, I was eliminated.

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