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Friday on May 29th, 2020Other

P.A. WORKS youth Story trilogy, the third bomb! A cartoon singing to the main line, I feel really good too! P.A. WORKS is probably one of the most conscientious company I've ever seen it ~

And "bloom Iroha" as the protagonist is a group, although I think sometimes Sakai and played the protagonist is a man, but more often, or we work together to promote the development of the plot of it, which will feel less wrong.

The story of it, I do not want spoilers, so good work we all hope to download to feel, although I personally have only downloaded 1080P anime habit, but can not find the subtitles or a lot of it, TARITARI or good looking, during spice and wolf had to find the girl and the chariot, 1080P resources easy to find, but the subtitles ah, God, especially the girls und Panzer, I rummaged through the whole web is no leveling subtitles, and she still have to do it yourself clothed, but ah, I can not speak Japanese ah TAT

But then, the language barrier does not hinder my passion for animation, I do not accept all forms Chicken Soup, watch anime but then, I am always quick to recover from a bad mood over it! But the reason, along with a growing number of Japanese dramas appear, for a variety of Japanese art process, coupled with the recent National Day, I was at home watching anime have become a traitor, ah, me. . . Speaking sentence will be sprayed dead, Japan beat China, China end up as miserable situation, he did not do China's wrong with you? If we had not closed-door policy, they are not powerful, but also blame others bully you cough? Besides, it is history, I think another bad history also has its inevitability, playing a hit, you can drill back a few decades ago to prevent the Japanese invasion of China? It is simply ridiculous to slip. I love animation, I am not mistaken, the group of five Mao Aiguo thief, come ah, I use the keyboard to shoot you dead, click, click send you to hell!

But then, no matter how like anime, they have to remember that life will not always be like anime have Happy End of. Anime students can simply have Babel, cultural offerings no money how do ah? A coincidence, parents can provide a certain job oh. As long as a dry weekend less than two hours, 30,000 yen on the purchase! Schools should be forced to cancel the cultural festival, how that line, of course, the students engage in their own slightly! Five people to mobilize the whole school, suspended or beaten school boards, principals may even prefer to be dismissed but also the guardian of the students hope, I dare to ask in reality there are several principals dare?

Keke, say a bit more serious now 2333 Fan of this routine is still bloom Iroha old routine, beginning introduces the background, after a few episodes sequentially show personal conflicts, and finally to the end of something as an opportunity to open a large audience, the same at the end as well as an end. Really is a beginning and an end, and does not hate this routine, but do not make people feel and bloom Iroha has obvious similarities, P.A. WORKS really great friends!

But then, nice, good story, but why is the tender the tender spot ah! ! ! A recent "study", "Australia" These words are very sensitive, a little nudged it very, very uncomfortable, the results of it. . . After a large cultural festival opened shock the audience, feather yarn have been saying what you want to go abroad to study, and even the OVA, also a detailed description of the debates and discussions on practical issues arising from the study because their parents. This is simply cruelty to animals Okay! Although I do not sprout, it is not cute, cute and could not write the article, but how to say I am a person have brains ah, write scripts like this, I might as well forget 2333 my knife stabbing Some think the latter to be more happy.

So we have just seen off at the airport when I felt when walking with a friend told me that this is no, you may not have any other friends went to see him, as a people onto planes, flew eleven thousand place other than rice, lives alone, alone adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, like this, I really still his friend thing, even saying farewell or blessing did not say it, he walked in silence. Okay so true, although I do not like people to see me, in that case I can not help but cry, maybe even shake the determination to go to study abroad, but never without a word, went so far places to go, ah, what this child count ah.

Well, in short, he was a man getting on in Australia, can contented to realize their ideals, I will ask nothing of the.

Everything had to have a conclusion, is not it? Though he is still studying in farewell, then sad thing, music is always able to heal people's hearts. As a cartoon to sing the main line, do not sing nicely, Fan also how to sell? The music is at best reflect the intentions of the crew! And did not want to write another song like anime song brought it far-fetched to use this animation soundtrack is really able to move people, although no subtitles do not understand the lyrics, but the melody listen carefully closed my eyes when, I feel great! And their CV and dubbing vocals are good impress! Rushed music, I highly recommend everyone to see Oh! ! !

So, the end is a new beginning now! Previously not always be assured that this is not assured, watching anime, I also always worried that they will not meet too fond of this animation to its end. But anyway, after the way that things left to themselves, fall is the roar of it! (Sorry, I did not hold back out of the 2333 film) people's way or, the end of the animation good, like writing programs do http requests, the occupied resources if the delay in release, will sooner or later go wrong, appropriate time to EntityUtils.consume (entity); look, as will develop in a good direction, right ~

In fact, I think the use of EntityUtils.consume (entity); not as httpClient.close (); good, but the longer the sentence to force higher grid Well hey hey hey

Now, tonight, I write to you, having read so many words, surely we have been dazzled, and put the point map it!

This scene reminds me of the "Russian veto of Turkey's proposal to abolish the veto power of Russia."

root of all evil, chairman, said to cancel the cultural festival is his

At the same time there are the principal crime against the wind, and finally the post of chairman of leather. I wish good life of peace.

headmaster (right) when young and Sakai and played mother (left)

Three elderly interesting, be regarded singer-been?

outs and a photo of her mother that term, when the next president is their teacher Oh! Young and nice! Hair is not white. Holding a photograph of a president, before taking a final cultural festival because students want to guard, and Chairman of the moment with pinch up, raining slipped result, it should be dressed in sportswear.

has died and outs of the mother, holding a photograph of a father-and-outs, wearing suits to attend the last Cultural Festival

And finally. . . the most important

Babel could have students, as well as our five main characters.

Finally, thanks P.A. works produced such a great animation. I hope we have time to look at it, hope you like ~

Now, like then please point like, want to share what moved out about, or five Mao Aiguo thieves who want to spray so what are please write in the comments section oh ~

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